Flaggers aren’t only ones who love South

Gwinnett Daily Post, GA



Dick Yarbrough professes to be in favor of Southern heritage, but he does not support the flag that was created in 1956 to honor our greatest Georgians ever who gave their all for their country. Also he must support the current Governor Perdue who lied to Georgians to gain their support about a fair flag vote. Why does Dick Yarbrough think that we citizens should not get a fair flag vote?

His suggestion that Perdue’s current state flag represents our Confederate heroes leaves out the fact that the stars displayed there honor Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, and the New England states that invaded our Southland and murdered, burned, raped, looted, and made war on civilians.

The Stars and Bars flag of Perdue and Tyrone Brooks that currently flies over our Capitol previously flew over Lynching s, Back of the Bus, Segregated Schools, Separate Water Fountains, Sit in the Balcony, Back door at the Cafe, Jim Crow voting laws, Separate Bathrooms, and Share Cropping. Do most citizens of Georgia know this fact? NO

Civil Rights were gained under the Georgia flag that flew from ’56 until 2001. Twenty Million dollars did entice King Roy Barnes to break his campaign pledge to leave the ’56 flag flying. Arthur Blank’s millions also enticed Monny Perdue to break his pledge for a vote on the ’56 flag.

Thanks for printing this response from a "real" Confederate American,

Elijah S. Coleman
501 Collett Ave.
Mableton, Georgia 30126
770 633 4943

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