Re: Flag doesn’t represent the South of today
On the Thompson column about the flag, my comment:
The Confederate battle flag doesn’t represent "the South" today? Really? And to what "South" does Thompson refer? The politically-correct liberal "South" created by transplants from the North and West together with local liberals? When these people moved into the South in large numbers, they whined and complained that they didn’t have any "say" in the region. They demanded "diversity" and a "voice" because, after all, they were citizens too…boo hoo. Ah, but now that they’ve GOT that "voice", they want to destroy the indigenous culture and heritage of the place that they "adopted". In other words, people like Thompson, whether he is a "native" or a "transplant" want to make the South into another Northeast/West Coast liberal paradise and the hell with the people who have lived here for generations.
I don’t know why these people believe that they have the right to make that call, but Thompson’s "instincts" just plain "stink".