Reply to "Displaying Confederate flag dishonors country"

Letters: Displaying Confederate flag dishonors country

To the editor:

In reference to James A. Genisio’s letter titled "Displaying Confederate flag dishonors country," I would rather display the flag of the honorable side that lost than display the flag of the dishonorable side that won.

The Confederate flag represents that which the Founding Fathers created and intended. Since the Yankee invasion of the Confederacy in 1861, the US flag represents an increasingly socialist, secular, federal Yankee Empire. I do not pledge allegiance to it. Why should I? None of the Founding Fathers wrote any pledge of allegiance.

Furthermore, the US has a record of more atrocities than that of Nazi Germany, monsters that they were. The US is responsible for the abuse of Confederate POW’s; for terrorism against men, women, and children by Yankee officers and troops; for rape and plunder of the South for years after the so-called Civil War; for the attempted genocide of American Indians, including women and children; and for 44 MILLION murdered babies since abortion became legal.

Don’t talk to me about the noble and righteous Yankee flag. It dishonors the Confederate States of America, a sovereign nation that never surrendered its government.

Rodney Combs
Noble, Oklahoma

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