They display the flag for the right reasons

<<<I suspect that many of these "cases" of Kirk’s are more the result of rebellious acting out than a true statement of history and heritage.

Bill Ward
Salisbury, NC>>>

With respect Bill,

You obviously don’t know our clients or how we screen them before commencing litigation on their behalf. All the kids we represent have been and are decent clean cut and god-fearing – they display the flag for the right reasons – they are worthy of your support.

Also yes, I couldn’t wear a t-shirt to school either, but for me that was 32 years ago. Kids wear their t-shirts to school and it is almost universally accepted. If a student can wear a US, Jamaican or Mexican flag top school to show pride in their heritage then a Confederate kid should be able to do the same. And yes they shouldn’t wear t-shirts to school – you and I couldn’t – but t-shirts are universal now in school and I fight for their rights not Miss Manner’s views on etiquette.

I will say that protecting our children’s rights and future can and should be our foremost concern – those that disagree – no one is standing in your way to do anything else in furtherance of the cause. I have 5 (soon 6) kids. My bias should be obvious. I want Confederate kids trapped in government schools to have a future that is as Confederate friendly as it is for my home-schooled kids.

Not every kid can home school or go to a private school (in many cases as bad as government schools), nor can we turn back the clock to prevent the gradual, deliberate and consistent demonization of our symbols by the media, government and our social elite (using the klan as an excuse). We have to fight the war that is in front of us and our kids are taking hits.

There are 5000 klansmen in the country – they are pathetically small and powerless. If they didn’t exist the media would invent them (and do). Most people will go their entire life never seeing one – but we have received over 800 calls since 2000 from parents and students begging for help, any kind of help in school cases banning Confederate flags.


Kirk D. Lyons

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