Flag Defense and "us"
From: tmanning1@triad.rr.com
Dear SHNV Friends,
People’s actions and symbols represent them. "Our" placement of these flags are "our" actions and "our" cherished symbols of "our" civilization . . . recognizing, of course, that no "symbol" is required to walk on all four legs meaning that our symbols mean to us what we designate and accept them to mean from the past. Legitimately we do not give permission to those who know less of our past than we do to tell us what our symbols mean. Teaching them a history lesson will not solve our problem with anti-Southern racists. It is not the Southern flags and symbols that less informed people hate.  It is us.
The removal by modernity’s sociopaths of "our" symbols is a childish and annoying attempt to invalidate "us" and "our" beliefs. In many other countries such actions would already have led to real bloodshed and enhanced subjugation. Any reasonable person is compelled to conclude that those who attack "us" and "our" symbols are "our" enemies.
This gives me a great deal to fear about the future of the not-so-United States. Even strongly subjugated and outnumbered minorities will sooner or later strike back in order to protect themselves from the continuing political and cultural abuse. Whites generally (although the French have shown us that at times whites can behave in this manner) do not just get angry or drunk and riot in the streets and burn down a few buildings and steal some CD’s and TV’s etc. from some local businesses. The current events present us with some very serious matters and possibilities and the current suppression of Christians and Southerners truly is about us and our ability to be a distinct people defining and living our own beliefs.
Those who do not tolerate our symbols are demonstrating their intolerant attitudes toward those of "us" who honour those symbols.  It is the Christian and the self conscious Southerner that socialists and agnostics hate.
Those intolerant folks do not realize that they are playing an antagonistic role against the God given human right to practice personal liberty and freedom at governmental levels. Such people were playing a major role in England during the early 1600’s and instead of being called "socialists" they were called "levelers."  This violent egalitarian world view was not new with the Kennedy’s, FDR, Truman, Marx, the Soviets, China Harvard, Yale or Cuba. Our problem today is that most of the world is so dumbed down that we no longer recognize an old rationalistic enemy that our ancestors sometimes found themselves at war with and, less often, in subjugation to.
The United States of America have fought 218 wars since the American Revolution.  Any country who fights that many wars in that short a period of time is an intolerant and militarily aggressive country and a direct threat to any reasonable person’s concept of "World Peace." George Orwell was a socialist but he did get this part right.
Blacks, not all of course, more and more are responding the way American Fabian socialists and American Nazi socialists (Democrats & Republicans) have programmed them to act and vote.  While many blacks do play the role of enemies to Southern whites, it is not the NAACP or blacks who are the real and fundamental enemies of those of us who do not accept the current manifestations of American agnosticism and its companion cultural Marxism.
The current platform of the Democrat Party

[they are not the Democratic Party] largely reflects the Nazi platform of Adolph Hitler. Substitute hatred for Christians in the place of Hitler’s hatred for Jews and the comparison comes frightening close to being identical.  Volatile ingredients are in the melting pot and being briskly stirred. We must not remain silent or our enslavement to American socialists will be complete. Future generations will tell this story.  How will they tell it?
Deo Vindice.
Timothy D. Manning
Executive Director
North Carolina Heritage Foundation