Flag Belongs To All Southerners

To: _cwarner@timespicayune.com_

I never thought of the Confederate Flag as racist or offensive to blacks until black activist and the NAACP told everybody it is.

There is so much bravery, steadfastness, honorableness and good wholesome Christian moral wrapped up in this flag I always thought of it as belonging to all Southerns, including blacks. That some of them have now disowned it and made a priori out of it does not make what they want it to be the truth.

It is too bad our educational system has led the blacks down such a slippery slope that most don’t even know their ancestors war efforts in assisting the Confederate States of America; their black history months are so busy detailing atrocities against them and against slavery without nary a word of the vast benefits blacks received from the white people before and after the war, thus defining them as perpetual victims and hindering their development.

In the old South, it is evident by just looking at the 1860 census the number of free blacks and their prosperity. There was a good number of skilled blacks before 1860 as well. By reading some quality books by quality non pc authors it is possible to get at the truths instead of the black activist, pc professors, and media spin who say that separate but not equal was not fair. Yet in the 1960s many black neighborhoods thrived with whole extended families in tack, many black schools turned out quality students, even Johnnie Cochran went to a black school in Shreveport, Louisiana – then contrast that to today’s single headed black family, the loss of black businesses, the black prison population, and quality of life. I am glad blacks have more opportunities today, and so do whites (we sure didn’t when I was growing up in 1940s) but it is clear that standards have been lowered all around and that is a shame for the country and is the main reason the Orientals beat us at our own game.

Because of the hateful rhetoric constantly bashing white Southern peoples anyone but a White Southerner is welcome in this country; I descend from Jamestown, Capt. Thomas Graves founder; from James McCants 1700 Charleston, from George Soule of the Mayflower, Plymouth, MA and in between many builders, founders, constitutionalist who built this country, however, because I am a Southern Confederate American my label is slave owner, racist, Nazi, ad nauseam – no wonder we didn’t want to be a part of a government run by these people.

Reconstruction has never stopped, their meddling has never stopped, and I will wave my Confederate Flag anywhere anytime unashamed and proud of who I am!

"Time on the Cross" by Fogle
"Free But Not Equal"
"The Slave Trade" by Thomas
"The South Was Right" by Kennedy
"In The Course of Humane Events" by Charles Adams
"The South Under Siege" 1830-2000 by Frank Conner
"Robert E. Lee on Leadership" by H. W. Crocker III
"The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History" by Thomas E. Woods,
Jr. Ph.D.
and more, help yourself

Cape Canaveral, FL