Hawthorne High, Fl.  Confederate Flag Ban Update 9-29-09
From: dewey@barberandcompany.com
Southern Compatriots,
Principal Carter of Hawthorne High, Fl. is a liar, a Southern hater and bigot.
First,  Principal Carter agreed to let H.K. Edgerton make a presentation concerning the Confederate flag to the students of Hawthorne High in person. According to her statements, H.K. would speak in the auditorium, first to the middle school children, then to the high school children. However, upon arrival of H.K. on Monday Sept. 14, 2009, Mrs. Carter broke her promise and would not allow H.K. to speak directly to the students but instead made him speak via closed circuit television.
Principal Carter also promised to wait till H.K. spoke to the school before passing out ballots which would "let the students decide" whether or not to ban the Confederate flag. But, in fact, she began passing out and collecting the student ballots two days before H.K. made his presentation.
Thirdly, when the ballots were counted, the results were not released and Mrs. Carter "trashed" the ballots and unilaterally imposed the ban of the Confederate flag at Hawthorn High without regard for her students opinions or her promise to "let the students decide."
Ladies and gentlemen, we have given Mrs. Carter every opportunity to do the right thing. Many of you have written emails and called Mrs. Carter but evidently she is blinded by her prejudice against our heritage and symbols.
We have no alternative but to continue to the fight in the behalf of our Southern students.
The Southern Legal Resource center has been notified and is working with the parents of the Hawthorn High students. Dixie Outfitters is also working with the parents, forming a strategy to defeat Principal Carter and her discriminatory policy.
Be assured that we have just begun to fight this injustice and we are in it for the long haul. I will keep you informed of the actions we will take and how you can help us. For now, please send me copies of any emails that you have sent to Hawthorn High in the past and any you send in the future. We intend to post these emails so all who are following these events can view them.
If you wish to contact the school administrators again to voice your displeasure, contact info. follows:
Veita Jackson Carter, M.E.D-P
FAX 352-481-4859
Dr.W.Danial Boyd.Jr
Vice Principal
Libby Hartwell
Deptuy Superintendent
Sandy Hollinger
School Board of Alachua County
Kirby Smith Administrative Center
620 East University Avenue
Gainesville, Florida 3601-5498

Dewey Barber
President, Dixie Outfitters