Flag Ban talking points
From: GeorgiaFlagger@JoiMail.com
To: mimicobb11@gmail.com, brodskya@wlu.edu 
W&L Professor Anna Brodsky, 2011
"There is certainly a sense that for a lot of people it means discrimination, injustice and it symbolizes slavery"
Councilman Mimi Elrod, 2007
"To me, the Confederate flag symbolizes slavery, oppression and denying people their rights…"
Coincidence? Hardly.
This is the standard well conceived catchy liberal Democratic attack line. It has been used for years, and I have color coordinated the matching terms.
Who cares if there is not 1 single person in Lexington who is suffering in the bondage of slavery? It makes an excellent sound byte for media. Hype and fluff over substance and truth.
It is very interesting that in Lexington, the ONLY group of people suffering ANY "Oppression" and "Discrimination" and " Injustice" are, and will be the members of the local populace who seek to continue to pay due respect to Robert Edward Lee and Thomas Jonathan Jackson as was paid in January 2011 under the enlightened liberal progressive leadership of Mayor Mimi Elrod and Attorney Mann.
Such hypocritical actions cannot ever be understood by leftist politicians or educators whose feelings are easily embarrassed. In fact the very thing they preach to others – "acceptance, tolerance and diversity" is strictly a one way street.
It is long passed time to stand up to the continued ruination of our country, to denounce ‘political correctness’ and force the elites to practice what they force on the ‘chattering classes’ Accept ALL or NONE. Tolerate ALL or NONE. I call upon the media to expose the hypocrisy and double standards!
Thanks and God Bless
William Bearden
Carrollton Ga