Confederate flag hanging at the Citadel sparks debate
Once again <big sigh> another progressive pinko pig is whining about the Confederate Battleflag – this time at the Citadel.
Forget the rich, Confederate history of the Citadel. Forget the fact the State Heritage Act (link below) protects the Confederate flag, especially since the Bill was suppose to protect the Confederate flag atop the State Capitol Dome, which, of course, came down in 2000 by way of a political "crack" deal. And forget the fact that we have U.S. Code 38, approved by the 85th Congress in 1958 and signed into law by President Eisenhower in 1959, effectively granting all Confederate Veterans the same rights and privileges as any U.S. serviceman.
It ain’t gonna matter because supposed non-progressive, non-pinko pigs at the State and National levels still fold like card tables – ignoring both State and Federal laws – and appease these Marxist morons by taking down the flags.