The flag and racial unrest…..
Brawl shows tension between urban suburban schools
By CLAUDIA ROWE | Seattle Post-Intelligencer • Published February 12, 2009
SEATTLE — The game is hazy, but their memory of what happened afterward is not: a coach’s car vandalized with racist graffiti, city students in a shouting match with suburban kids outside an Eastside high school, a car zooming past bearing a Confederate flag.
Boy, you news media folks are something else.  What in the heck did the car zooming by with a Confederate flag have anything to do with this story???  Not a thing!  We can, once again, thank the news media for throwing the Confederate flag into the story to hype it up and make everyone believe that it has/had something to do with the story.  If anyone believes now a days that the flag is associated with racism, we can thank the liberal media and stories like this one. If there are racial issues in this area, it most certainly has nothing to do with the flag, so why did you mention it?
Charles Lauret