Mar 31, 2006

(CBS4 News) TALLAHASSEE If one group has it’s way, Floridians could be driving around with the “Stars and Bars” on their cars, through a license tag featuring the confederate flag. If the legislature gives the plan the go-ahead, Florida could be the tenth state in the nation to put the confederacy on peoples’ cars.

Members of Sons of Confederate Veterans say it’s time for Florida to authorize a specialty license plate featuring the Confederate flag to honor soldiers who fought in the Civil War.

The group showed a sample of the so-called "Confederate Heritage" plate in Tallahassee Friday. It wants to use money from sales of the plate to restore Confederate flags and the graves of Confederate and Union soldiers, preserve Civil War artifacts and develop educational programs for schoolchildren.

Two African Americans spoke out in favor of the Confederate Heritage plate. Nelson Winbush, whose grandfather served in the Confederate Army, says he hopes the proceeds will help provide scholarships to students.

Governor Jeb Bush says it’s important to respect the state’s heritage, but that he’s not sure a specialty plate is appropriate for the group. In 2001, the governor ordered the removal of a Confederate flag at the Capitol, where it had flown for more than two decades.

Many African-Americans feel the display of the confederate flag is a racist act, given the confederacy’s support for slavery.

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