From: Tim Manning
Date: Wed, Aug 3, 2011

[Abbeville Institute] FIXING THE USA?
To: Abbeville Institute <>


Victor, Carey wrote me saying, “Not to sound impartial to the south because I’m fond of many things southern much more so than northern, but the whole country is in the tyrannical pickle barrel. There are peoples scattered throughout the country that are preparing themselves for what they feel is a preplanned societal breakdown and an inevitable iron fist of martial law. I have met and observed many a Yank that now sees the dangers and impracticality of a omnipotent federal government puppeteered by those few secretive oligarchs with international interests.”

You are exactly right. The South recognized the face of tyranny before some of the north did and resisted it. The South could do this because she retained the more orthodox Christian world view of her Founders and could still recognize power grabbing social and political monsters when she saw them. Many of the northern States peoples could not, because they had given up their harsh forms of Puritan Christianity for rationalism, transcendentalism and the social engineering schemes of liberal egalitarians.

Many in the northern States had lost their centuries old moral foundation upon which they could rely to recognize and avoid totalitarian government monsters. These skills were lost very early in what we call the "Deep North", the States of New England.

Seven northern States (as well as the five border States) actually fought the USA and also understood very early the face of tyranny. When the Southern Confederate States lost their sovereignty and independence so did all of the northern and border States. The USA was lost to the totalitarian centralizers. Those of us who know this history say that the entire USA lost the war against their freedom and independence.

I am skeptical about USA States governments ability to effectuate a fix that would restore our early views and practices of freedom and liberty because of the successes of brainwashing "Reconstruction" that destroyed and distorted the traditions and institutions that had for hundreds of years helped us retain moral, ethical and cultural concepts that defined the American view of government.

I hear the idiots on Fox, Glenn Beck, Rush and other political commentators that offer totalitarian solutions to totalitarian problems. Reconstructed Southerners offer Reagonesk solutions that do not resemble the views of the U.S. Founders. Their proposed solutions vary in degree from Marxism, but they do not vary in their core substance. The media people and institutions have totally abandoned a Christian and Biblical view that gave birth to the Founder’s American View of government.

The USA doctrine of the "Separation of Church and State" is exactly that of Adolph Hitler who wanted not a separation of an organic connection with the churches that had paid for church operations and the salaries of clerics, but Hitler wanted a total disconnect of the central state government from the influences of Christian moral beliefs and practices. That is now what we have in the USA, and it is why most northerners and westerners who have a passing interest in the U.S. War to Prevent and Destroy Southern Independence cannot any longer appreciate and understand the Southern/American View of government. The radical centralization views being forced on large populations are designed and administered by what any free thinking person sees as a “political cult” that is dangerous to our very lives.

I used to say that the real problem with the Soviet Union was to be found in the beliefs and practices of the Russian people. The same is true here. The real problem with the USA is the American people who no longer cherish and pass down to their children basic orthodox Christian beliefs and practices. Many Christian denominations have abandoned some very orthodox views. Without those the original American views of freedom and liberty are lost. In this last election I was disheartened by the large number of people who actually support the Marxist positions of the Democrat Party which are making the transition in the USA from totalitarian Nazi Socialism to totalitarian Communism.

But there is a solution to the loss of freedom and liberty in North America and the basic concepts of this solution still reside in some of the peoples of the Southern States who have resisted and have been less affected by "Reconstruction" Most of us in the South refer to "Reconstruction" as "Deconstruction." The USA reconstructed or restored nothing in the South after the war, but continued the destruction of the very institutions that had preserved a knowledge of liberty and freedom.