Facebook firestorm of Sgt. Stein, USMC
From: grayguns@earthlink.net
Back in the summer of 2008, Robert Bateman, an active duty Army Lt.Col., wrote an article for the very liberal internet site called "Media Matters" where he proceeded to denigrate the Confederacy and communicated his plan to hold a monthly flag burning of the Confederate flag at his residence. I contacted my father and several within our Confederate community, including a former Commanding Officer with whom I served, and we collectively took him to task for his comments. You can read the below link for frame of reference:
Now, I bring the below to your attention, mainly because of military hypocrisy.
So it begs the question……..
Why is an Army light Colonel allowed to regularly exercise his free speech on this internet site, yet the below enlisted Marine is facing disciplinary action? I don’t believe this is an officer / enlisted double-standard, but rather a conservative / liberal double-standard. The Army can’t tell me they didn’t know of this specific Colonel’s postings. They even knew of Major Hasan’s radical ties to Islam since 2005, but of course they ignored those red flags out of fear of "discrimination" and now that Fort Hood raghead is responsible for 13 deaths and 29 injuries.
The answer appears obvious: It’s easy to go after this Sergeant because Obama is the primary subject matter, especially as one considers his oath is first to the Constitution and not the Muslim Mole in the White House – though when Obama gets reelected, he may try to change all that.
Semper Fi,