Podcast: Fighting for the Reidsville, NC Confederate monument

April 8, 2012
By Michael

This afternoon it was a pleasure to speak with a leading Southern heritage activist in the Old North State about his efforts to have the toppled Confederate soldier statue restored to its former position of honour in the centre of Reidsville, North Carolina. Jamie Funkhouser has been holding demonstrations in support of the statue since last August, standing in place of the Southern soldier and often joined by friends and fellow heritage activists. The local government of the City of Reidsville has violated State law by removing the statue and wishes to place it out of sight away from the downtown area. Mr Funkhouser, who has received a great deal of media attention for his role in the heritage fight, speaks about the history of the struggle over the statue and legal action that is under way to force city politicians to do the right thing and restore the monument. Check out Save the Reidsville Confederate Monument page on Facebook.

Click here for the audio (duration: 13:26)

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