From: Craig Maus <>
Date: Sun, Apr 10, 2011
Subject: Federal DECEIT- Then & Now !

Dear Brethren (hundreds bcc herein),
Remember one thing please if nothing else- ‘those people’ in Washington who are ‘trying’ to fix this Country’s problems are the same people who created this mess!
While Nancy Pelosi party’s with George Soros and Obama party’s with Al Sharpton (last week), our Military is deployed just about everywhere throughout the world and engaged in more War’s than at anytime in this Country’s History.  Washington would have you believe that they are in our ‘national security’.
I would suggest that is flat out BS and that our troops are engaged in a multiple of Global Economic War (s), and ‘national security’ is but a lie of enormous proportions to disguise the real purpose— which is those interests associated with and for the One Worlder’s, whose international bankers & financial interests are the real reasons for these involvements.  That is who and what is clearly being represented.
Washington would NOT know nor does it care to know anything remotely associated with this Country’s Dead Constitution & their obligation to it.  That Constitution was buried, as I have been saying, long ago when the Original Republic died in April of 1865.
Here is some interesting facts I would like to share with you regarding April of 150 years ago that clearly detail the Federal/Central Mindset that was at work then, & whose ‘actions’ were as deceitful then, as they are today, & for the identical reasons:
> April 8th- Abraham Lincoln attacks Charleston Harbor with 11 U.S. warships to COLLECT a 40% Federal Sales Tax from Southerner’s under the Morrill Tariff Act of 1861 at the Federal Tax Collection fort- Fort Sumter.
> April 13th- Sumter surrenders to the Confederate States and its occupants are escorted safely to those warships by Confederate Militia.
> April 15 & 19- Lincoln declares, " Whereas, the ‘laws’ of the United States for the collection of the revenue cannot be effectually executed", he has ordered 75,000 troops to invade the Confederate States & their ports to be blockaded. (So much for the contemporary argument that the War was fought over slavery)
> April 18th- Lincoln offers Robert E. Lee command of the entire U.S. Army.
> April 20th- Lee refuses lincoln’s offer & resigns his commission in the U.S. Army, writing General Winfield Scott, "Save in defense of my native State shall I ever draw my sword."
> April 23rd- Lee accepts command of Virginia’s MILITIA (NOTE- MILITIA), soon to become the Confederate Army.
As I have said, this Federal Government is NOT your representative government.  It is a government of the Special Interest, by the Special Interest and For the Special Interest.
Over these past 150 years the American People have become less free while the Federal government has grown in size to that of a Titan, infringing & altering our personal liberty’s & freedom’s at every interval.
This is NOT disputable!
The ‘education’ system, simultaneously, was been cleverly stripped from the people and has been put into the controlling hands of the Federal.
Thus, is it any wonder why so many today are incapable of ‘connecting the dots’ and follow like sheeple incapable of historical understanding that would raise the simple question as to WHY ?
There is but three logical ways in which this mass debacle of over-reach will conclude:
1) Complete submission of the American electorate;
2) The Re-Seating of that Confederate Government’s Congress, as it’s Government was NEVER surrendered to the Invading Federal Marauder thereby re-establishing the Constitutional Republic of the Confederacy or;
3) Revolution.
To continue to think or believe that the current ‘manner of operations’ will improve or reverse course is simply fantasy.
What we are seeing is EVERYTHING we Confederates have been imploring you to realize & understand & that which we opposed as a free people beginning in 1860.
The Federal will continue to steal from you through an inordinate tax system that is simply designed to render you much the same as an Indentured Servant, while they recklessly procreate & expand their power base through a myriad of Entitlements & Social Programs whose only ambition & ultimate purpose is the advancement of their One World Oligarchy & quest for worldwide, imperial station hood.
Our men and women are dying in their War’s while they would have you believe that we are somehow fighting to ‘defend ourselves’ from some sort of invisible foe whose description is known only to them!
Yet the ‘people’ that OUR money was used to prop up & sponsor over these last 50 years in particular are the same one’s that the Federal government is now claiming…. ‘warrant a review’!  Just how demonic and insane is all this!  Sadly, it is but the simple political residue of a failed & obvious social political agenda that was always suspect from day 1 !

EVERYTHING the Founders told us NOT TO DO and that which was prohibited to this Government from EVER DOING, these gangsters in Washington have done, and have used the legislative process to substantiate many if not most of their Un-Constitutional & ILL-BEGOTTEN acts giving them province and domain over us!
These gangster’s have DELIBERATELY bloated this Federal Government and in the process, have created a Titan!
They have doubled the National Debt over these last 10 years from $ 7 Trillion Dollars to that of $ 14 1/2 Trillion dollars… excluding the expenditure and un-authorized printing of an additional $ 3.3 Trillion Dollars by the private bankers known as the Federal Reserve ( and that is only what we are finding out at present), NOT to mention Obama’s Socialized HealthCare plan whose numbers have been manipulated & forced down our throats via a Congressional ploy directed by Pelosi & Reid whose costs are now revealing themselves in the amount of at least  $ 5 Trillion dollars.
Through in all the free-loaders who receive some sort of Federal subsidy who DON’T PAY ANY TAXES WHATSOEVER ( CURRENTLY 50 % OF THE POPULATION ), and the likes of a General Electric who last year made $ 5 Billion dollars in profit and DIDN’T PAY 1- CENT IN FEDERAL TAXES & is it ANY wonder or ANY more obvious that YOU,  YOUR CHILDREN & YOUR GRANDCHILDREN are destined for genocidal destruction in one form or another?
Just do YOUR homework and apply the logical equation of common sense in order to realize the inevitable outcome in all this.
Again, there is but 3 possibility’s.
Personally I would implore YOU to select number 2 before that option is removed from the ‘table’ altogether as it will eliminate many travails, not the least of which will be enormous blood letting.
There are but 577 ‘People’ in Washington (475 in the House, 100 in the Senate and the 2 International One Worlder’s who sit in the White House).  With the exception of a handful in both the House & Senate, the rest serve NO purpose other than themselves and those they have sold out to.
Once again, we MUST SEPARATE ourselves from their madness if we are too survive as a People and a Country.  And the ONLY means available to us is the Restoration of that Confederate Government that was NEVER surrendered to the Federal upon the War’s conclusion.
Washington is much like a Battleship in a lake— it cannot move 3 degrees starboard or port if its life depended on it because its own size has become such a deterrent it is simply incapable of maneuver any longer.
ALL Roads have Always led to 1865- the beginning of the end of the Republic !
Craig Maus,
president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations.
Staunch Supporters for the Restoration of the Legal DeJure Government of the South- The Confederate States of America.
PS- One for All and, All for One!