False accusations on modern day Confederate movement.

Argues against accusations that have been made on the modern day Confederate Nationalists.
by Levi S.
Thursday, December 10, 2009

Many people today when they hear the word "Confederate" a parade of thoughts go through their minds, like Civil War, or the South. But most of all, people think of only two things: slavery and racism. Modern day Southern Nationalists have been accused of those two things and many other things such as being anti-American and ignorant. But what people forget is that the last Confederate movement was over 150 years ago, the modern day Confederate movement is in a new society and governmental environment.

Accusation #1. Confederates are racist.

When asked if the American Civil War was fought over slavery, most historians will say… NO. While slavery was certainly a factor in the war, it was a pretty small one. Most historians will say that the Civil War was fought over states rights and Federal Government interference into state government. Also, modern Confederate have openly said that they are in no way associated with the KKK or Neo-Nazis, if anything, Confederates are enemies with those kind of racist groups.

Accusation #2. Confederates are anti-American.

In the Civil War, another factor was the fact that the Federal Government was beginning to "shift" the American Constitution. An example of this was that Abraham Lincoln was against the 10th Amendment which states the following: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people. In short, the 10th Amendment is the Right to State Sovereignty, granting the Federal Government not interfere with State Laws and other State issues. The Federal Government began to stop following this right before the war. To get to the point, when you think about it, the Confederates were the ones who were really following the Constitution by upholding their right to secede given to them in the Constitution.

So we will continue to see these accusations go on and on as time goes by, because of government interference in schools, children will only be told the Union side of the war and will continue to make the youth of America think of the Confederates as bad anti-American, racists. Until the people are taught the truth, these false accusations will continue.

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