From: aconfederate1862@aol.com
To: bstanley@stmedianetwork.com
Slow news day in your part of the state and at the County fair huh.  I guess there’s nothing else happening in or around the Chicago area.  I guess the housing crises is over,  I guess unemployment no longer exist and jobs are booming in your part of the country, Chicago politics are civil, honest and with corruption fore ever gone, no more gangs or gang violence that we here about every day must be gone, your gun problem with your new mayor must of been solved, your racial divisiveness is gone.  Finally I guess there will never be another murder, rape or violent crime in or around the Chicago area again that makes news EVERY SINGLE DAY across this country.  BUT, there’s headline news that a vendor is selling confederate flags at the fair, OH MY GOSH!!!! THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  This is what important to you and your liberal media colleagues!  You don’t have a clue what the real meaning of the confederate battle flag was and still is about.    Great reporting, you’re really going to go far in that news organization!  lol!!!!
Tim Legacki
South Florida