FAIR responds to the SPLC

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Federation for American Immigration Reform doesn’t take any crap from the self-appointed censors of public debate at the Southern Poverty Law Center:

Today the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) issued a misleading release announcing a significant increase in the number of hate groups and hate crimes over the last few years. The release then suggests that our national debate over immigration reform has fueled the increase in both.

Offering no criteria as to what constitutes a hate group, manipulating the data for self-serving purposes, and then making broad, unsubstantiated conclusions, this latest release from the SPLC constitutes one of its most reckless charges to date. It is calculated to be inflammatory, tarnish the reputation of leading immigration reform groups, and shut down meaningful public policy debate about immigration reform.

Isn’t it amazing how the corporate media swallow every utterance from Dees & Co.? For the SPLC to announce an increase in “hate groups” is as newsworthy as Madame Zoraster, Spiritual Advisor, announcing an increase in the number of ghosts seeking to contact their families. And for the same reasons…

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