Re: "Fair and Balanced"

Bill & Y’all
I am but 1 small participant in the defence of NBFHS. I became involved in late Oct early Nov 2006. Fox news is acting (along with the black woman) as if it was just some new issue. This vote to keep/drop the name is the culmination of an effort begun by a moronic leftist adjunt proffessor named steven stoll from FCCJ. He used his school’s resources for this effort. He tried to get his class involved – but only managed two ‘volunteers’. He did a poll, but was the only person in charge of counting and managing the polls. Regardless, After seeing your observations below, I looked thru my NBFHS files and archives.
Wonder why the ‘media’ wants to push the naming of the school off on the poor UDC? It is easier to further a lie.
I am sitting on enough info about that school to run that black woman out of office if she were to have a public debate with me, but the folks on the ground in Jax are handling things just fine – Thompson, Spargur, etc…
Anyway, here is the whole sordid and disgusting history of the naming of the controversial NBFHS – done by the school board!:
and the companion story
IMHO, since the vote has been taken and it is secure for this week, allow the thing to fade away for now, but keep an ear to the tracks JIC. Should that black woman or stoll or another know nothing agitator rise up again, hit em hard and fast with more troops.
Thanks & God Bless
Billy Bearden