From: cscitizen@windstream.net
To All:
Once again we as Southerners find our history & heritage challenged in Selma Alabama and Memphis Tennessee. There are most likely other incidences that I am not aware of. Each and every time our heritage is violated by those whose ultimate desire & goal is to erase our past arises I am reminded of S.D. Lee`s Charge to the Sons of Confederate Veterans.
In short, it is our duty to use every means at our disposal to correct such attacks when they occur. Perhaps S.C.V. is involved in these matters & hopefully I am just unaware of this or to what extend S.C.V. is or is not involved. I know some are involved at the camp & state level & hopefully the national level.
A couple of things that are glaringly clear to me is that our defenses are not always done in unison with all levels of the S.C.V. engaged in these fights. Selma & Memphis are cases where the whole body of S.C.V. needs to be in the fray from top to bottom with no holds barred.
However, the defense of Southern history, heritage, culture & symbols does not rest solely on the shoulders of the S.C.V. alone. S.C.V. is just the largest of all our organizations within the Southern Movement & everyone looks to their leadership first. There is the League of the South, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Order of the Confederate Rose among others.
We are in a time where our very existence as heritage groups & as a Southern people is in dire straits. We all need to be unified in the preservation of ourselves regardless of group affiliation. Our combined numbers & money should be directed towards being one unified front & all fear should evaporate in the presence of our enemies.
Seeing how many ju ju beads & do dads we can collect & how much self-gratification we can personally obtain must be put aside. Winning these pending fights should receive all our concentration & undivided attention. If not, then our fate is sealed & we will continue to die a slow death piecemeal both, as a people & organizations.
One last thing, we are not going to win over our enemies, end of story. They don`t care what the truth is or how many black confederates there were, etc. It does not help them get what they want politically or from the government in 2013 so put those ideas to rest & let us defend ourselves.
A good start would be Public Relations people who can go to these places look our enemies & press straight in the eyes & express what we will fight for in court & otherwise without flinching or taking a step backwards. Then the whole organization from top to bottom should enforce it with all our efforts & resources. It’s the only way we ever maximize our chances of victory.
Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama