The most eXXXtreme Tiger Woods news
In years past I’ve enjoyed chronicling here the ways in which merely having a Confederate Flag flying in front (or atop) of the SC state house has driven away all the right kinds of people. Write for my column on it which was posted for years in the Patriotist site — but I warn you, it’s spicy. An excerpt:
The Washington Post wanted us to weep tears of shame when it reported in 2000 that the Bill T. Jones dance troupe wasn’t going to play the extremely prestigious Spoleto festival in Charleston as long as the C-flag flew above the state house. What a breakthrough! Here it is in the Post’s own reverential, "righteous" tones: "….dancer and choreographer Bill T. Jones … has joined the boycott of South Carolina’s tourism industry — the state’s leading moneymaker — initiated by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People….He and his partner, Arnie Zane, formed their multicultural company in 1983, drawing on their own racial differences (Jones is black; Zane, who died of AIDS complications in 1989, was white). They built a reputation for speaking out on racism and homophobia, often in deliberately incendiary ways. Jones’s `Last Supper in Uncle Tom’s Cabin,’ performed here in 1991, culminated in dozens of stark-naked Washingtonians appearing on stage with the dancers. In `Still/Here,’ a meditation on living with terminal illness — Jones is HIV positive — the choreographer incorporated statements of cancer patients and others faced with impending death."
Now a webpage alleges that Tiger Woods is among the "minority" figures supporting the NAACP boycott:
Tiger boycotted SC women over Confederate flag issue
"…..“I was doing some one-nighters at some clubs down in Orlando and I ended up having some drinks with him. It was going pretty good till he asked me where I was from and I told him South Carolina. Then he got this kind of p****d look on his face and said ‘Really, with a name like Canady Anne?’ and I said yeah, it ain’t my real name. You see, we get a lot of Canadians visiting Myrtle Beach so I try to play that angle up.”
Anyway, he said he had to go,” Anne continued. “I tried to get him to stay ­ told him it’d be worth his while ­ but he was already tuckin’ his shirt back in and paying his tab. He said he would normally be all over me, but he made a commitment to blah, blah, something, something, Confederate flag. Sorry, I’m a little fuzzy on the details, but I remember the flag part. I guess you gotta respect someone who makes a commitment and sticks to it.” …..
Only God knows if that’s true — one can only hope so. Apologies to fans of his and of championship golf, but I’m here to tell you NOTHING trumps solidarity with my Southern/Confederate ancestors and the need to defend them against yankee/edomite supremacy today. Nothing. And when it comes to an athlete who (1) is raised to demigod status by the liberal establishment for being a racial polyglot* and (2) has distinguished himself in the immorality sweepstakes — setting the worst possible example as "role model" — Then I say let him be banned, and all the dancers at Quorn’s and Derriere’s with him!
This reminds me of an old story reported in Chronicles magazine by John Shelton Reed, re Danville Va. as I recall. The city fathers wanted to put up a hotel, but one of their number disagreed.
He: What does our town need a hotel for?
Them: In case a traveler wants to spend the night here, of course.
He: Never mind. If he’s a gentleman he can stay with the wife and me. If he’s not he can keep going.
They then voted down their own idea.
Other webpages say Woods has rightly stiffed the boycott. From the dates of these articles I suspect he did, then changed his mind. Here’s a fine mess of chaos on it:
Tiger finally takes a public stand – the wrong one
Other stuff that came to light in researching this post:
*Yes, for being a great golfer too, but that has been secondary in his personality cult.