An exchange with a Historian.
The summary below is a about an exchange I had with a Prof. Brooks Simpson on his blog at I also posted this to the SHAPE website at
George Purvis
Folks as expected Brooks Simpson stopped me from posting to his blog. When I got there he had no problem talking down to and demeaning other people. I went there with the attitude I would post some facts, but I would also engage him in insults if that was his preference. As you can guess it wasn’t long before facts went out the window and he kept trying to trap me into saying I was an advocate for the overthrow of the United States or that I was for attacking United States veterans. When he couldn’t do that he just came plaint and played the racist card by accusing me of being, in his words, a supporter” white supremacist terrorism.” Of course he had to make several references to racism and so forth to promote his ideas without knowing if I am black, white, mixed race or whatever.
Needless to say Simpson could not stop himself in his efforts to prove racism, he had to bring up the fact that Forrest never expressed remorse for what happened at Fort Pillow. Why should Forrest express remorse? He was cleared of all charges!! I point out the Marianna, Fl., affair, with sources to him and that shut down that line of the discussion pretty darn quick.
When s Simpson did want to exchange facts it was usually with a racist and biased attitude toward the South. I posted some racist comments made by Lincoln, Grant, and Sherman. You know it, he had his own personal spin to put to this comments as if he was the only person who knows. He even to me that when Sherman said ""There is a class of people (in the South), men, women and children, who must be killed or banished before you can hope for peace and order." While telling me out of one side of his mouth Sherman did not issue that order, out of the other side of his mouth, he is telling me that Sherman did not mean all Southerners!!! Heck Sherman made war on everyone, Black , White, Indian , old, young, soldier, civilian. So exactly who wasn’t Sherman talking about????
Although I was disappointed Simpson did not want to exchange facts with me one good thing did come out of the posting of this information by Andy Hall( who seems to have a knack for covering Simpson flanks)–
This specific quote is from the 1862 edition (pp. 385-86), but virtually identical language is included in all editions, from 1861 to 1864. I have not found an 1865 edition; one may not have ever gone to print.
1861, p. 185-86,
1863, p. 385-86,
1864, p. 385-86,
I should also mention that this same language, almost word-for-word, immediately follows the passage you quote from August Kautz, below, applied to the Union Army. (He notes that African Americans may be enlisted in the wartime volunteer forces only, not the regular army. Need I mention that there is, of course, no such annotation in the Confederate regulations?). Simpson made a big deal out of me not knowing this as if he did.
Now "white" is a part of the definition, no doubt about it. Anyone who has studied the War For Southern Independence knows the Union Army was divided into two part–White and Black. We also know that in regards to Confederate units "white" went out the door early in the war. So this leaves me wondering, what is their point????
The last point I want to address relating to this exchange, is the fact I used the word list. Yes that is correct you read right. I commented I would be back later I was going to list some Blacks who drew pensions from the state of Texas, believe it or not Simpson and Hall neither who could really beat me up on facts had to take issue.
Well there is the story, it on Simpson’s blog check it out if you are inclined to. In the end Simpson and his supporters were like a bunch of 5th graders, determined to get in the last insult an, or as the case may be hit me in the back and run.
It is Confederate History Month, hit these websites with facts and expose these lies to everyone. Do not expect to win because untimely they own the website and run the show.
Because of Simpson’s comments I decided to a bit of research, which I will post under the "articles’ section.