European Medal Of Honour
On behalf of the Captain John Low, CSN Camp 2161 of Scarborough, England and The Clyde River Blockade Runners Camp 2168 of Glasgow Scotland. there will be three (3) presentations of the "European Confederate Medal of Honour", dates and times to be announced this Spring for those who wish to attend.
They are:
JOHN LANCASTER, Englishman….Owner of the Yacht Deerhound who saved Captain Semmes and 40+ crewmen after the sinking of the CSS Alabama off the French coast.
To be held in the Liverpool England area
Lt.RICHARD DOWLING….Irish born , the Commanding officer at the 2nd Sabine Pass, regarded as many as the greatest feat of arms of all time,
To be held in Tuam, Ireland
No individual ouside of America who had more invested in the South than he . Blockade runner builder and owner, it is believed he lost £880,000 in supporting the South. That was £880,000 in mid Victorian times , the modern equivelant must be several hundred million dollars.
To be held in the Yorkshire England area.
There will be an Honour Guard as well as a Rifle Squad with plenty of re-enactors, as well as SCV members, private citizens and many political figures who attend our events on a regular basis.
Robert Wells
2nd Lt. Commander
The Clyde River Blockade Runners Camp 2168