Esters Plea/An Open Letter

On Monday February 13, 2006 , I had the opportunity to do a radio interview on the Rocky D. Program out of Charleston, South Carolina. I later received a telephone call from a very nice Black lady who identified herself as Ester from Charleston. She told me she had heard the interview and had also several years ago attended a rally in Greenville with a girl friend of hers where I had spoke in support of Dr.Winston McCuen, where she said that I had lambasted Abraham Lincoln and William Sherman as war criminals. She said that she had agreed whole heartedly that Sherman’s men who according to the stories told by her family, had murdered her four times removed grandmother in the streets of Columbia where with her Mistress had fled. She had been murdered because she fought off the unwanted advances of Sherman’s men who had already ganged raped her younger sister of just ten years old, and the daughter of her Mistress.

Ester’s debacle was how her baby daughter had come home from school just an hour before my interview touting praises of Abe Lincoln that she had just learned in school that very day; up to including that his top hat was where he kept his important papers. Ester’s question to me was, how could any South Carolina baby attending a South Carolina school be taught that a man who was responsible for wreaking so much havoc and criminal behavior in her home state regardless of the political attack on the flag be touted as a hero ;and that for the first time in her life she would doubt some of her very own mothers teaching : that from the mouth of babes come the truth.

Ester would plead with me to come to her Sunday school class and speak to a group of young Black children during Black History Month, but like the some twenty or more request that I have respectfully declined to do this month because they don’t have the funds to bring me to them, and with the March Across Dixie Fund closed by order of the Administration, and empty, I see again an opportunity to go on offense with our heritage; lost.

Should any of you decide to donate of your money to my work; you will have to send your donations directly to me : HK EDGERTON , Southern Legal Resource Center, Black Mountain, N.C. 28711, and I will have to report to the IRS directly. Thanks for any consideration.
Your Brother,

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