On "Enlightened" Cheeseheads!?

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First – yes, the bumper sticker was somewhat inaccurate.

Grant’s wife owned 3 slaves. One would have to assume however, in the mid 19th century, that what was hers was also his. So then, he was indeed, a slave owner.

Sherman, to my knowledge, did not own any slaves. In fact, he didn’t much care for “negroes” at all, and that fact is EXTREMELY well documented.

“I like niggers well enough as niggers,” but only “fools and idiots” promoted their advancement.”
General William T. Sherman

”Gentlemen, Niggers and cotton caused this war, and I wish they were both in Hell!”
General William T. Sherman

Lee manumitted his father in law’s slaves in 1862, slaves who he had inherited in 1857 when his father in law passed away.

Stonewall Jackson and his wife ran a Sunday School for free blacks and slaves in Roanoke Virginia and did in fact own two slaves – both slaves personally requested that Jackson buy them when they were about to be sold by their owners. One slave, a man, worked off the money paid for him and earned his freedom. The other, a woman, insisted on remaining a servant for Jackson’s family.

That is the correct history – unfortunately, it’s a bit too lengthy to fit on a bumper sticker – so you’ll just have to deal with the abbreviated and somewhat inaccurate version of it.

Second – Who cares what you or “all sorts of other people black and white” think about the Confederate Battle flag? I don’t, and "unreconstructed apologists" don’t. You’re entitled to your opinion though. The problem here is that you don’t feel I’m entitled to mine.

Third – Don’t call us “apologists” because we’re not. We don’t apologize for ourselves. We have nothing to apologize for. And we don’t apologize for the people of the past either, because, like us, they have nothing to apologize for.

Fourth – I personally don’t feel a need to dialogue with anyone about “race”. I prefer to simply treat each person I meet as an individual and to treat him or her as I would hope to be treated myself. In the course of my lifetime I’ve dealt happily and successfully with more people from more different backgrounds than Al Sharpton has grievances and this philosophy has worked very well for me. So I’ll pass on the dialogue/reconciliation B.S. If you feel this compelling need, then by all means, indulge yourself until you are so sated that you explode. Just leave me out of it.

Fifth – I sense you are enthusiastic about the possibility of having a black president? The problem here is twofold. First, you and other misguided white people will vote FOR him because he’s black, which, when you come down to it, is really is no better than voting AGAINST him because he’s black. And second, the guy has no more qualifications to be president than I do.

Finally – I loved your comment about being so “enlightened” up there in Wisconsin. The last time I saw a set of ba**s as big as yours was when I was at the zoo and the elephant had his back to me. Yeah, right, the land where they wear cheese on their heads and you’re sooooo enlightened?


Gimme a break!?

Bill Vallante
Commack NY
Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 3000 (Associate)
Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1506 (Associate)