I have been following the debates on Southern Heritage and the Flag question for some time now and thought it about time that I put forward a "foreigner’s" point of view of this debate. I am English, and proud of it and, for years our own flag (The George Cross) was reviled and insulted. Anyone who flew it was immediately branded as a racist and called "EVIL!" The same applied, to a lesser extent, with the flying of our National flag – the Union Flag (sometimes called the "Union Jack" by those who don’t know that this title is the name for the naval flag.) The National Flag’s reputation was not without some cause, of course, as it HAD flown over slave ships and it had been used by the British in their colonist expansions and imperial wars for years. The politically correct ones amongst our population, however, did not use this as their reason -the reason they used was that the BNP (British National Party – a small right wing party) used it! As a result, those of us who are proud to be English and British were pilloried if we dared to show our allegiance to our country by flying our own flag…………….

One day, the media latched onto a strange phenomena, one that caught all the PC groups by surprise – suddenly the English and British flags were being flown by minority ethnic groups. Sikhs had them on their cars, Afro-Caribbean were flying them in their windows, Indians were proudly displaying the flag everywhere! What had changed? England were doing fairly well in the World Cup (Soccer) and all the "down-trodden" people who were "insulted by the display of Imperialistic pride" were, themselves, flying these very same symbols. No-one could understand it. I can. What had happened is that the British public, regardless of skin colour or ethnic background, suddenly woke up – they started to think for themselves and ignored the alarmist PC lobby.

The net result? Nowadays you can see English flags and Union flags flying from private homes and displayed on cars all over the country and no-one says a word anymore. A victory for common sense over political correctness!

What has this got to do with the Southern Cause I here some of you say?

In a country that disposed of Colonial rule and a King for a nation founded on free speech and personal liberty I am constantly amazed at how intolerant your nation became. To preserve this personal freedom, Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus with no recourse to the Senate – a very "Regal" thing to do. Who gave him this power? To paraphrase a line form George Orwell’s famous book, Animal Farm, I can’t get the last line out of my head – "I looked from pig to man and from man to pig and could not see the difference." Or, should I say – ""I looked from King to President and from President to King and could not see the difference?"

I have read people comparing the Confederacy to Russia and even, Nazi Germany!!!! Granted, there are similarities between these two powers and the WBTS – if a member of the USSR tried to leave the Union they were invaded and there people gunned down – sound familiar? A neighbouring country was annexed by Germany (Austria) and Maryland was invaded and their people gunned down in Baltimore. Also, Hitler invaded neighbouring sovereign States – Poland, France, Belgium etc just as Lincoln did. Lots of comparisons but not, I feel, the ones that were trying to be made.

Oh well, that’s enough from me but, don’t give up the fight because people CAN wake up to the truth given time and enough reminders – just look at our case.

Steve Gibson