From: Grant Anderson Belcher <>
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2012
Subject: Encouraging News


I just wanted to share how glad I was today to read about the young student from University of SC who had stood up for his right to proudly bear the Christian cross of St. Andrew. Have you made contact with him since this came about? I think it would be great if the young black man could have the support of another other black man who shares his views. Its definitely a brave thing he has done considering most people(black or white or any other color) do not attempt to inform themselves of the facts( as he has done) and then stand by the inevitable conclusion: their is nothing wrong with a( or the) Confederacy, their is nothing wrong with the Confederate flag and the Southern States did not leave the original union primarily to keep slavery intact.

It seems that amid all of the political correctness and robotic intellect of most people towards the Confederate flag and the Confederacy, their seems to be an intellectual awakening towards the flag and the Confederacy..which is very encouraging. Surprisingly, a lot of Northerners are among the groups that are coming out with favorable views toward the Confederacy( IE Ron Paul, native Pennsylvanian, Thomas DiLorenzo, native Pennsylvanian, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Native of New Jersey). I think it is a positive unintended consequence of the public education system that has not instructed the people on morality, ethics, logic, law or correct history:the void has cause some people to make up their own mind instead of being the uniform public school robot.

I think that if we are going to win the intellectual debate on slavery and the civil war, it is key to not deny that slavery had any part to do with the secession of the first States( I do not include Virginia, North Carolina or Arkansas; they only left the union after Lincoln raised troops and were by no means hot-beds of secession prior to Lincolns actions). Slavery definitely played a part in the secession of the States, but not in the war. I have had many conversations with pro-southern people who get off on branches and say " the war was all about taxes, or the war was all about States rights or the war was all about XYZ " what the war was specifically  fought over is truly relative to individuals,sections, and States. Generally, the war was fought because of necesity ; Foreign Lincoln’s) troops were on Confederate soil. Is it fair though to say the every man was specifically fight to preserve slavery ?

Slavery( in the words of Jackson’s chaplain R.L. Dabney ) was an occasion of the war, not the cause. It definitely was not and could not be the primary cause of the war. Inasmuch as we are constantly reminded today of the immorality of racial slavery or servitude, how could anyone concerned with being fair or consistent condone the immorality of the leader of a nation waging war on those who he claimed to be his people, resulting in over one million Americans to die or be seriously injured basically because they had differing opinions on the Rights of States.

Racial slavery was wrong, but at least the slaves were not systematically murdered by their leaders. Some how the righteous and robotic union and Lincoln worshippers haven’t contemplated the immorality of genocide when considering all the wrong doings of the age.

Proud of all you do for the South. Keep up the good fight,

K. Grant Anderson Belcher II,

" For it is written: "As I live, says the LORD, Every knee shall bow to Me, And every tongue shall confess to God". So then each of us shall give account of himself to God. " -Romans 14:11,12