Elmwood Flag Situation

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Chuck Sir:

I know there have been many besides myself who have repeatedly tried to emphasize just how valuable your service is. I would like to once again publicly say thanks for all that ya do (and to those in the background) that assist when ya need it.

I sent the following mail to the Mayor of Charlotte and to the city council members as well. The Mayor’s bounced back, however, the others didn’t. I have so far received one reply and I shall paste it at the end of what I sent. I would ask the loyal readers to get involved voice their opinion, no matter where they live!! Right is right and wrong is wrong. To remove the Confederate flag at any cemetery where CSA vets are buried is simply WRONG!!!!!! The all encompassing net of PC feces does not apply in honoring American Veterans… if it does, then we best grab hold tight, kiss our backsides goodbye, and pull the toilet lever ourselves, depriving the enemy of the final flush………..T.

To: The Mayor and City Council members, Charlotte NC.

Although I am not a resident of NC, I have two daughters who are; as well as too many other family members to mention. I do however, visit there on a regular basis. I happen to reside in Illinois.

My reason for mailing you is most simple. I have for sometime, like literally thousands unknown to you, followed the ongoing controversy over the Confederate flag that flies most honorably at Elmwood Cemetery. I am appalled at the fact that despite overwhelming public sentiment and support for the continued display of said flag, there are those of the most limited numbers who demand its removal. My question is this, "Why should a select few with personal agendas that border on vengeance, have the say so in regards to the honoring of American veterans?" And there is no doubt that Confederate Veterans are American Veterans first and foremost. They are entitled, by Federal law, to the same rights and privileges given any veteran who served in any war this country participated in. This is not only morally right, it is the law.

I read a statement made by Executive Director of the CRC, Willie Ratchford, in which he made reference that he believed there should be no "Confederate section" in cemeteries. He went on to basically say that dead people don’t care who are lying next to them. Based on Ratchford’s assumption, if the dead don’t care, why should he? Having not yet experienced death, I can neither verify nor dispute his statement. However, I will say descendents care. We most strongly care.

For nearly 35 of my 54 years on this earth, I have been actively involved in and lobbied for, National legislation that protects the graves of all individuals. Mr. Ratchford’s approach is reminiscent of that I encountered here in Illinois in the 1980s, when Indian graves were plundered for profit. The logic behind the grave robbers was, ‘no one knows who they were (the Indians), so what’s the big deal?’ The big deal simply is that it’s morally wrong, and all dead are entitled to a level of highest respect. If you’re Indian, and you’re buried with your pipe, fetish bags, etc., they should stay with you.

If you’re a Confederate, you should be allowed the dignity of retaining the symbols that you served under, and possibly died for.

In closing, I would ask that for once, the dignity due these venerable American Veterans, outweigh personal agendas and the one-sided sword of political correctness. It would be most refreshing to witness this in 2005.

Most Sincerely,

T. R. Warren
Confederate Descendent
Bridgeport, IL