Historic Elmwood is best for Forrest
Here is my solution to what your Oct. 7 editorial aptly called "the flap over Forrest Park":
Disinter the bodies of General and Mrs. Nathan Bedford Forrest and move them, along with the controversial statue, to a prominent location at Elmwood Cemetery. Elmwood has become a destination site for many tourists interested in the Civil War era, and such a move would enhance that appeal.
Form a nonprofit foundation to purchase and refurbish the antebellum building that formerly housed Justine’s restaurant. This handsome old building is slowly disintegrating and will soon become a pile of rubble if nothing is done to save it. It is located near Elmwood and the two could become a nice "two for one" attraction for people interested in that era of history.
Rename Forrest Park something less controversial. One name that comes to mind is Martyr’s Park, honoring those who gave their lives caring for victims of the yellow fever epidemics in Memphis during the 19th century. (There already is such a park, but it is certainly a well kept secret.) Perhaps eventually a small museum devoted to Memphis’ yellow fever epidemics could be built on the site. It is appropriately located adjacent to the UT medical school.
Alfred B. Nimocks
Forrest City, Ark.