From: Chuck E. Parks

[] Sent: Sunday, July 27, 2008

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July 26, 2008

Regarding Ellen Williams of Alabama and her insinuation to HK Edgerton…A Great CSA heritage supporter & activist-

I would like to say that I have had the not so great pleasure of meeting the Ms. Ellen Williams of Alabama who took it on herself to express her opinion of arrogance regarding black CSA history, or any black person that supported the Confederate Battle Flag fight here in South Carolina.

Ms. Williams opinion was bigoted, and void of black Confederate support during the war, or current black support, and I disassociated myself with here years ago.

In the case of Stanley Lott, a fine black gentleman and great supporter at many SC State House rallies, she went so far as to insult and insinuate the purpose of his support for our effort was the attraction to white women.

I personally resent people such as Ms. Williamson, who construe black support to the cultural issue of the flag as always having some ulterior motive.

I see now that Ms. Williams is playing the same game insinuating that HK does what he does only for the money.

HK is a fine gentleman, and a great icon for the Confederate heritage, and I’m proud to say that he supported many Confederate flag rallies here in South Carolina – and I might add that I never once heard HK ask for a penny. He came at his own expense as we all did.

Now I know from having fought the fight here in SC, that the expenses involved in such endeavors, are costly. Very costly in travel expenses to go out of town, and generally come out of one’s own pocket as there are many that welcome such support, but don’t want to part with a dime of their money to further the effort, and I’m sure quite often don’t even consider, or better said, overlook the costs involved.

I feel that HK Edgerton is the greatest asset we have in the heritage fight because HK recognizes the historical significance of black Confederate heritage in that struggle, and doesn’t mind getting off his duff to tell that forgotten aspect of history, and his appearance baffles those fighting against the heritage.

I can assure you that HK is not getting rich with the few and paltry contributions he receives to do what he loves and does best – and that is to enlighten others, especially children, to a factual and historical aspect of black history in this era of history, which is certainly a story that should be told.

I’ll proudly welcome and salute HK Edgerton and his tireless effort for our heritage anytime I see him, and would encourage anyone that can help HK continue the fight to send him a contribution.

If anyone deserves a contribution, HK Edgerton does.

I regret that there are those such as Ellen Williams that would begrudge the proud and gallant effort, the reputation, of one such as HK Edgerton, and attempt to make a mockery of his effort.

My greatest regret is that although HK continues to support the heritage with his all, he does so primarily out of his own pocket when he should in fact be receiving an abundance of fan mail, and …contributions – rather that fighting the fight out of his own pocket, or his own gain, or his own ego, and THAT IS SAD, that we, can do so little, for a man so great, a man that has fought for the heritage not a couple months, or year or so, but the HK I know was involved way back in the early 90’s at the SC State House. where I first met him.

I’ll end this by saying that HK is a great asset to our heritage, and that Robert E. Lee himself, would have been proud to know him. Keep up the good work HK, and please don’t allow some silly diversity slow you down. Keep up the good work and use my contributions any way you wish.

I hope many others will support your great effort, and thank you sir, for your great effort.

For those that don’t know HK’s mailing address, please send him a kind encouraging word or better yet, a $50 or $100 contribution.

If you cherish the heritage, if you want to see that the heritage is perpetuated as Robert E. Lee wished would be done, then support a man that puts his reputation and life on the line for it every day.


I would urge all Confederate heritage organization leaders to seek support for HK through their organizational members. Send a contribution to a true person, and true man, a Confederate activist. His address is:

HK Edgerton
71 Buffalo St.
Ashville, NC 28806

Charles Park