Rue Edward McGee, III – Memorial

Rue Edward McGee, III

Son of Rue E. McGee, Jr. & Daphne J. McGee
Born: March 17, 1989
Went home to be with the Lord on May 17, 2008

Rue " Edward" McGee III was born on March 17th, 1989, (St. Patrick’s Day) to his proud parents Rue McGee, Jr. & Daphne McGee. As luck would have it, he was of Irish background, and born on St. Patrick’s Day. He came into this world a healthy, happy baby boy. From an early age, Edward was always busy. He was curious about so much in life, and always wanted to be on the go. Of course these days, the doctors call that ADHD, but for Edward, it just meant he was on the go. Like most normal kids, he wasn’t into going to school, but give him something to tear apart and put back together, that was for him. His dad taught him early how to tinker with cars and motors, and that’s what Edward like to do. See how it worked! He loved being outdoors, and loved anything that had a motor on it and had wheels. From a lawn mower, to cars, to 4 wheelers, if it would go, he was on it. It was all good learning experiences though. It helped make Edward the fine young man he had turned out to be. At the age of 12 or so, he was already doing mowing jobs with a mowing company. He learned so much from them. He loved to make peoples yards look nice. He always loved to "stripe or diamond" the grass. To him, that was a good job well done. As he got older, he continued working in lawn care, and even into landscaping. He took agriculture and shop in school, and was an alumnus in the FFA after graduation. Edward graduated in 2007 from Liberty High School.

Edward started into hunting at an early age also. He went with his dad, granddad, and cousin Shaun each year. It was always " lets see who gets the first one, or the biggest one". Of course, he did not care about size, but did get excited when he killed something. He would start thinking about hunting in the middle of summer. He did finally kill a turkey, and he was really excited about that. He never got to get it mounted, but his dad is going to make sure that happens, for him.

Edward was injured in September 2007, on a job related accident. He to the day he passed was in physical therapy, almost ready to go back to work. He never let his injury stop him or get him down. He kept his spirits high, and always had positive thoughts. He had the dream of owning his own business one day, and owning a new 4-wheel drive pickup. That was his dream. He also had a young lady in his life. I really believe one day she and him would have become one. Her name was Casey. They had been sweet on each other off and on for quite some time.

Edward’s other greatest passion was his friends. He had more friends than his dad and mom knew of. We found out quickly though when they all came to pay respects. They came in their trucks with Rebel Flags proudly displayed, playing Edward’s favorite redneck music and all in tears. It was an awesome site to see, to know that Edward was so loved by many. We heard stories about things he had done for them, about just hanging out, phone calls… you name it, and they shared it. It was just awesome. Each one passed by dad and mom, gave hugs and just poured out their emotions. They came together to remember Edward, for who he was and what he meant to them. They even called a local radio station and requested a song to be played in remembrance of him; they had t-shirts made with his picture on it. It was truly an outpouring of love and emotions that we had never seen in such a group of kids. We asked them in remembrance of him, to proudly wear their Dixie Outfitter shirts at the viewing and service, because that was what we were going to lay him to rest in. They did, they went wherever they could to purchase them. It was truly moments to remember.

Edward was truly a free spirit. He never let anyone or anything get him down. He was always making someone smile, laugh, never spoke badly about anyone, and would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. He was a true " Redneck" and was very proud of it. He was never ashamed of who he was and for what he believed in. This is a true testament thru his many friends who came to pay respects to him and by the display of rebel flags and Dixie Outfitter shirts. Each knew Edward for who and what he was. He never put on an act, and was always the same person no matter when you seen him. He always had a smiling face, a joke to tell or something foolish to say. He was laid to rest wearing his Dixie Outfitter shirt, his blue jeans and his clunky ole boots that he actually had his other accident in. But, that was Edward. When you seen him, that was him.

Edward was and still is loved by many, and is missed more and more each day. Edward, we ALL love you and miss you so much. Dad and Mom loves you "Boy." Keep us a place up in heaven with you waiting, until we meet again, continue to watch over us…

Rue " Edward" McGee, III
Dad, Mom, Brother, close family members, loved ones & Friends