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As many of you know, we at the Chattahoochee Guards Camp 1639 in Mableton, Georgia, duplicated and distributed 12,000 copies of the Pastor John Weaver CD "The Truth About the Confederate Battle Flag". I had the idea to offer them over EBAY to try and get them out around the country. Here are links to two of my EBAY sales:


Thanks to EBAY, I have now mailed out about 250 of them around the country at our cost. Recently one went to a fellow in Ohio, who after receiving and listening to the message, ordered 50 more. Here is a message I got from him this morning:


I was impressed with the message,especially the Christian aspects and really had no idea that the history was so screwed up.My inlaws are from the south (Virginia,Georgia) and I’ve heard the term Northern aggression from them many times but had never heard it growing up(in Ohio)I am a member of the "Society of American Bayonet Collectors" and plan to display some Confederate pieces at the annual meeting in March and will place these on my table with a "free,take one" sign and I’m sure this should put them all into the hands of history minded folks who some like myself (before now) may also be ignorant of the facts.The Christian values may also speak to the unsaved among us,take care and keep up the good work.


The message in this commentary by Pastor Weaver is needed now more than ever and we intend on doing what we can to share it with everyone. We, the Chattahoochee Guards, are about to make another order for 10,000 or more, because our original 12,000 are gone. If any of you individually or your camp would like to get in on this next order, we will be happy to get you as many as you want at our cost of 32 cents each, $32 per 100, $320 per 1,000 etc. What a great deal it is for us all when we can educate someone on this subject for 32 cents. You can hear the commentary by clicking on this link:

Truth about the Confederate Battleflag

Please respond to me at as soon as possible if you care to get in on this next order.

Best Southern regards,

Joel Coleman
Chattahoochee Guards Camp 1639
Mableton, Georgia