You willingly stepped into an arena inhabited by many learned historians who deal in facts and cite the sources of their statements.

Because of the many erroneous and false comments you made in reference to Ms. Johnson some of my friends and colleagues have been making a valiant attempt to supply you with FACTS to educate you.

I maintain that this is a useless endeavor; that you have no interest in facts or the truth or falsity of your statements; that you do not think, you FEEL.

I hope that I am wrong and that you are truly concerned about the truth and not just feelings of hatred for your fellow man.

Have any of the facts presented to you altered your "opinions" or have they just made you angrier and more entrenched in your ignorance and malice?

I am sincerely curious and would really like to know. I maintain that what you think that you learned, including your attitude, was taught? you when you were young and very impressionable and that you will cling to and defend them for the rest of your life and will refuse to consider that you were not taught facts but convenient fiction.

Yr. Obt. S’vnt,
Rick Boswell