Mt Dees and your battle to educate the American public
FROM: Elaine Shelby (

Mr. Edgerton,

I would like to commend you on your straightforwardness and efforts to educate misguided people as to history in the South. In today’s world it seems that history is being rewritten instead of investigating the past for the truth. We should learn from the past, and not make the same mistakes in our country and use race as an excuse for ripping apart our Nation.

I am a Southerner, a law enforcement officer, a female and I am white. I live in Tennessee and work in Memphis. We have a constant problem with everyone using race as an excuse. The politicians use the Black churches and people to further their own political careers. Our community should worry more about bringing up our children to understand that you cannot change history for your own political agenda. They should learn about the good and bad people of our Southern heritage instead of try to remove traces of those figures that help shape our community during the 1800’s.

In studying history, I know that there were some cruel slave owners, but there were also those who tried to help their slaves with housing, a community, and an education. Many slaves and families intermingled. Some black people who were free owned slaves (Melrose Plantation – Natchitoches, Louisiana). Slaves were expensive and valuable. It would not make a lot of sense back then to hurt, or mistreat property that was so valuable. Also most people did not own slaves. They did not have that much money. What do you think?

I think you are a strong person who is an independent thinker. I know it is hard for you at times, and that some may ridicule you (Mr. Dees). There are also those who don’t seem to have a clue (faculty member from Western Carolina University). These people are sheep. They say these idiotic things, because they think it is the thing to do. The woman at Western Carolina University obviously just liked being seen and liked the sound of her own voice.

I am tired of people saying they are white, black or whatever. How about American? How about a Southerner? Those should be things to be proud of. Maybe, sometime in the future, people will just be people and not blame each other for whatever. We were Southerners no matter what color our skin was, or where we originally came from. We fought for our home.

I will now get off my soapbox, and wish you the best. Let me hear from you and your accomplishments in trying to educate the masses.

Elaine Henderson Shelby

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