From: HK Edgerton <>
Date: Tue, Apr 2, 2013
To: kdl <>

Dear Kirk D.,

For those who suffer from political, social and economic exclusion, haters of the Southland and its symbols have propped up once again the Bill of Rights, the Statue of Liberty and Old Glory to mask the exclusivity of their real ideology by convincing the NAACP to attack the Confederate Battle Flag as if it was the central cause of the broken promises and betrayal of those ideals expressed in the aforementioned.
And furthermore filled the coffers of the NAACP to promote the goals of Southern social and cultural genocide, and to act upon the national stage the role of iconoclast with the aid of the media, bought and paid for Southern scalawags, Southern politicians, Federal Public School System, and a judiciary that has eagerly interpreted their will to do so, regardless of the venerated status afforded by the United States Congress to the Southern Cross; the Colors of an American Veteran, the Confederate soldier " (US Federal Law 85-425 passed on May 23, 1958 states the term veteran includes a person who served in the military or naval forces of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War), or a willingness to hear the voices of the many Africans who, like their ancestors did, remain loyal to the Southland of America and who, in their ranks, have many who believe that if we are starting all over, then we need a new Flag, and use as their point of reference the many problems that the Stars and Stripes had that makes the Confederate Flag pale in comparison prior to World War I.
Because the United States Congress has turned a blind eye as organizations that carry 501-C3 non-profit tax exempt status like the NAACP, (see 1991 NAACP resolution on Confederate Flag), its own members like John McCain and those politicians like Mitt Romney to desecrate in their actions and rhetoric the Congressional mandate of veneration afforded the Confederate Battle Flag and further, by its action in funding the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities, to include the Department of Education, who are complicit in a support role in this desecration that strips me of my 9th Amendment Rights as a citizen as I am forced to watch a system of content discrimination.
A system by its design supresses the ideas and symbolic meaning of the Confederate Flag and the reasoning of the War Between the States and the support given by the many Africans, freed or indentured to the South as it controls the content of texts and the dissemination of knowledge of those Africans who earned a place of honor for their service to the Confederate States of America either as soldiers or in a support role thereof.
I am thereby compelled to introduce this letter as a prerequisite of legal and fund raising support from the Southern Legal Resource Center and you in your individual capacity as Chief Trial Counsel as I am now preparing a mock brief for an intended law suit against the United States Congress to be placed before the Board of Directors and its Chair in the matters expressed above. God bless you.
HK Edgerton
Chairman of the Board Advisors Emeritous
Southern Legal Resource Center