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Public Offered Rare View Of Freedom’s Birth

Black History Month In Florida With The Sparacino’s And The Hurst’s And Their Families And Communities.

Lee Controversy

Federal Justice For Confederates

Confederate Secession Documents

Letter To The State

Discrediting And Disgracing Dixie

The Refusal To Understand Virginia’s Ethics


School Mascot

Regarding Mr. Lincoln And History

The Preposterous Mr. Zimmerman And Allen Central High

General Lee Portrait Offends Local NAACP

Confederate Flag Critics To "Drop Dead"

Re: When Will The War End?

Ignorant? Look Who’s Talking!

When Will The War End?

Southern Men

Best Regards

Re: Question


Some Personal Thoughts/Questions Concerning The SCV/UDCV

Counterattack Rolls On. Jewish addresses In Europe

All Men Being Equal Just Didn’t Work For Texas

Comparing The Confederacy To The Nazis

Re: "NAACP Wrong To Target Athletes"

Forrest High School Story

Our Rights

I Think There Is A Santee River In South Carolina?

Some Of The Best And Bravest.. The Truth About The Farmington Rally

My Say: General Lee, Flags, Tee-Shirts, Et Al

Flaggers Aren’t Only Ones Who Love South

Pain And Apology

Reply To Ms. Davies

The Perpetuation Of Slavery

Campaign Using The Truth


"Year Of Lee Sounds Bugles Of History, Race"

David School Pillersdorf, Busted Liar

Suggestions For Virginians

Robert E. Lee

Blacks Object To Lee Honor

Robert E. Lee Proclamation

No Apologies – No Way!

Support Allen Central’s Flag

A Question Or Two They Will Never Answer

Statue Of Lee Threatened

Vandalism Continues At Elmwood Cemetery

A Call To Muster

Heritage Alert

Worth The Read

Confederacy Was Right

Letter To Texas University President

Further Developments At ACHS

Just My Opinion

Stereotypes Squared At Allen Central


Can There Be An Opportunity For A Guest Column On Forrest Based On Factual History?

Misunderstanding Limbaugh

Newsmax And Lincoln

[FlagFight] 3 Lincoln Letters

[FlagFight] Capt. Semmes CSS Ala. WBTS

Flag Is Not Evil


An Open Letter / The Teaching of Hate

Submission Of Op-Ed Regarding Forrest

SHNV Award Certificate To Patriots Of The Cause

Rush Limbaugh Crosses The Line

Forrest Was A Great Soldier

NAACP Can Still Claim Victory On Flag Issue

General Polk Defended – Yankees Get Another History Lesson

True Meaning Of The Confederate Flag

Franklin March

Students To Save Forrest Hall


Forrest Is Innocent

Naming Of Schools

Regarding N.B. Forrest High School, Steven Stoll And Factual History…

Standing Against Lies

NASCAR’s Growth Slows After 15 Years In The Fast Lane

Yankees Rank Low In Charitable Giving

This Struck Me

Mexican Flags

Hate In Southwest Virginia?

A Yankee Asks Another Yankee About Mole Church And The Surprising Answer

A Matter Of Judgment

Robert Edward Lee, Saint

Southwest Virginia Is For Haters

Handling Of NAACP Revealing

See What You Want To See

No Fort Pillow Massacre

Regarding "Swamped By Conflicts"

"What The Colours Mean To Me"

Just My Opinion

Commentary By A Black Confederate

Rebel Flag

Sir Moses Jacob Ezekiel

H.K. Edgerton’s March Across Virginia

The War Of Northern Aggression Crowd Weighs In

Confederate Flag


Franklin Ceremony

The North Was And Is More Violent And Racist Than The South

No Defense Necessary, No Apologies Offered

Silent Sam

Response To Charles Irons Column

Response To Prof. Irons

Rites Of Military Service Denied Confederate Soldiers In Virginia

Confederate Flag Clothing Causes Controversy

Military Honors To Be Denied Confederate Soldiers

Stonewall Jackson, Champion Of Black Literacy

Altered Stance On The Confederate Flag

A View Of The Yankee People

Attacks On Southerners And Their Cultural Symbols Are Unjustifiable

Leonidas Polk

Regarding H.K.

America Has Lost Southern Values

How The North Promoted, Prolonged, And Profited From Slavery

Newspaper Article

Slandering The Confederacy

Ignorance Breeds Ignorance

The Real History Of The War Between The States

Confederate Clothing In School

To Our Foes, I Am Offended

Heritage, Hate, Or Something Else

CSA Flag Stands For Hate? So Does The USA Flag

Tancredo Sings Dixie

The Genocide Of The South’s Heritage And Culture!

Confederate Symbols

My Letter To The SPLC

Views On The Confederate Flag

Reconstruction And Black-White Conflict In The South

Confederate Flag Battle: A Time To Teach

Op-ed Submission Ref. Gettysburg 09/02/06

Why A Southern Party?

Hell, No, We Ain’t Forgettin’

Vestiges Of The Old South

Those Vestiges Of The Old South

Banner Of Hate?

Shall We Compare?

SCV-SUV Combination Camp

Here Is Why President Harry S Truman Was A True Son Of The South

Let’s Dig A Little Deeper, Folks

Re: Memorial To State’s Confederate Soldiers Needs Balancing Context"

So You Think Our Rebel Cause Is Dead, Do You?

Response To Confederate Symbols At Lee To Response To Be Reviewed

Press Conference – Columbia & Darlington, South Carolina

Response To "Confederate Flags Disgust Fairgoer"

In answer to "The Place Where Loss Always Wins."

"Time To Take Down That Flag"

NASCAR’s Heritage

What The Flag Really Means


McKague’s Flawed Flag Logic

The March To East Tennessee State University / An Open Report

An Open Report

Open Letter To Judge Roy Moore

Confederate Army Was Ethnically Diverse

Augusta Riverwalk

Regarding Black Confederates

Woodstock Sentinel Letter Dishonors Confederates

New England Hypocrisy

Lincoln Letter #3

Perdue’s Opponent Is Only True Republican

Rumsfeld Ditches The SPLC

Jannes And Jambres


Battle Over Battle Flag Is Getting Wearisome

Was Secession Legal?

He Led Southern Troops For Union

Reply To "Displaying Confederate Flag Dishonors Country"

Klan Gathering At Sharpsburg

They Display The Flag For The Right Reasons

Black Soldiers Who Fought As Confederates Merit Honor, Too

A Letter From General Longstreet

KKK Counter-Demonstration

They Cannot Change Our Minds!

Rebel Sympathizers Are Delusional

Klan In Antietam

Sharpsburg, KKK, Nazi, And Women Warriors

Truly Grateful For Dixie Outfitters

Battle Hymn Of The Republic

Dr. Niler Is Offensive To The German People

Attitude Not T-Shirt

Your Article In The Plainview Daily Herald

Causes Of The Civil War

Wonderful Speech

Mt. Dees And Your Battle To Educate The American Public

Still Shaking Down NASCAR

Southerners Should Celebrate Heroes Who Fought For South

Earnhardt Jr. Ban

Heritage Victory In North Carolina

Reply To Freeman Letter Of May 3


Open Letter

Confederate Southern Americans

The Constitution Lost

Re: "Father Abraham: Lincoln’s Relentless Struggle To End Slavery"

Your Politically Correct Behavior

Michael Kelley’s Reply To "Clinging To Tradition Isn’t Worth Hurting People"

Clinging To Tradition Isn’t Worth Hurting People

Southern Heritage In Italy

Good People May Fight For Bad Causes


Confederate Flag Day

Confederate Monument

A Brave Young Lady

Richland Mascot Under Fire Again

Deep Southern Roots, Deep Conviction


Just My Opinion

Esters Plea/An Open Letter

Slave Cemeteries

Painful Reminders Of Slavery

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

I Won’t Ever Forget Where I Came From And What I Stand For

Response To Mr. Wise

Open Letter To Tim Wise

NASCAR Gets Too Big For Southern Britches

Scottish Student Victory

H.K. Edgerton’s Speech To the Asheville, N.C. Torch Society/February 2, 2006

Black History Month

Jan 19 Editorial


A Tribute To Lee And Jackson

Robert E. Lee

My How Things Have Changed!

Schools All Over America Are Again Falling Apart Because Of The Confederate Flag.

I Know It’s Heritage And Not Hate

U.S. President A. Lincoln And The “Civil War”

Southern Heritage of Freedom?

Upcoming March Against Dixie Outfitters In Columbia, South Carolina

Where We Stand: Voices Of Southern Dissent

Thank You!

Comparing The Confederacy To Nazi Germany

Message from Mrs. Judge Roy Moore

Ignorance On The Issue Of The War

Battle Flags At Franklin 1864

Why Restore Artifacts Of The Confederacy?

Your Recent Opinion Piece On Southern Icons

Reply To Brenton Kenkel

Myths About Slavery In The United States

Thank You

Regarding The Confederate Flag

A Message For Young Southerns

Lights and Shadows in Confederate Prisons

Advocate Perpetuates Nonstory On Flag

Abuse Of A Cherished Symbol – The Confederate Battle Flag

We Are Faced With Another Serious Attack On Our Confederate Parks In Memphis.


Still Need To Face Our True History


Civil Rights Movement

Taylorsville Appeal Committee -School Board ;SCV Magazine in School Libraries

BAN THE HATE, NOT THE FLAG! Hate Is A "Learned" Thing!

Schools Should Respect Southern Spirit

Remember When?

Nascar Is So Stupid

Ban The Hate, Not The Flag!

Greetings Fellow Southrons

Maryville, Tennessee – Thanks

Maryville, Tenn., Freedom Baptist Church

Florence, South Carolina



Why I Am A Daughter Of The Confederacy

Greeting From The South

Who Are These Guys?

Honoring Forrest Explaining Modern Audiences

School Should Teach Tolerance

Memphis Is Where It Starts

Play ball, Ni***r!

Flag Symbolizes Love, Not Hate

They Are Coming To Change Forrest Park

The Double Standard For American Flags

Civil War In The SCV

Thank You For Your Vote


Censorship Can’t Disguise City’s Heritage

Return Stone Mountain To Dixie

Heritage Citation for Aimee Robinson

Displaying The Flag

Who Decides What Symbol Gets Banned?

The System Is Broken

Dissolve The Political Bands

Gettysburg Boycott

School Flag Ban

Reparations Will Never Equal Respect

This Ain’t Your Father’s National Park Service

A Rise In Racial Nationalism

Tennessee Seeks Solution For Handling Civil War Past

Perdue To Be "Through"

Let Confederate Flag Fly Over Those Who Died For It

Slavery In Connecticut

The Confederacy Through Black Eyes

Charlotte Confederate History Week


Another Battleground

The South Was About Much More Than Just Slavery

Speak Out … Southern And Proud

Dixie Days Definitely…Yankee Days…You’ve Got To Be Kidding

Civil War History: Honor BOTH Sides!

Thoughts On Being A Mother

Letter To The Editor Of Elon

An Open Letter To The Young Men Of The South

A Lost Cause? Never!

To Heaven And Back

Rebels With A Cause

A Point Of View On The Battle Flag Controversy

Confederate Soldier

An Open Letter To Mayor Tony Paulk

To Bridge Southern Divide, All Stories Should Be Heard

Confederate Flag A Symbol Of Hate? Not For Most Who Fly It

Intolerant Bigots Strike Again

Please Don’t Slander Our History Or Our Confederate Flag

Statues Important To History

Flag Belongs To All Southerners

Fox Hill’s History

I Fly The Rebel Flag To Signify Heritage, Not Hate

Confederate Flag In Ringgold, GA.

Confederate Flag Isn’t Our Problem

It’s Time To Really Take A Stand.

Elmwood Cemetery

The Confederacy Created To Perpetuate Slavery? – Part 2

April is Confederate History Month of Remembrance

Blacks Migrating To South In Unprecedented Numbers

Flag Furled In Pain

Confederacy Created To Perpetrate Slavery?

The Church of Morris Dees

Battle Flags Are Symbol Of Pride

Honor The Dead

"Cornerstone" Speech

Re-writing The Old South?

Evidence Of Black Confederates

Flag Theft

You Might Be A Constitutionalist If…

Targets of NAACP?

Letter to Charlotte Govt Elmwood Cemetery

I Am Their Flag

Visiting The South

What Makes A Person A True Defender Of Southern Heritage?

Coca-Cola Boycott

Elmwood Flag Situation

T. Warren…A True Southern Patriot!

Letter to Senator Spencer Coggs Regarding His Objection To The Playing Of "Dixie" At The Wisconsin State Senate Inauguration Ceremony

Russell Not Russellville

Flag Vote Issue

New Year’s Thoughts

Let Us Thrive, Not Merely Survive, In 2005. Keep Your Faith And Keep the Skeer On!

Our Victory To Win Or Lose!


Southerners, Oppose Yankee Brainwashing

Just My Opinion

Petition To Prevent The Removal Of Robert E. Lee Portrait In City Hall

Savannah Deserves Better

Right On, Reverend

Communist Rules For Revolution

UNC-Chapel Hill ends Bell Award


Respect those who fly the Confederate flag ‘with pride’

The South Was Right From Day One

The Paper. Hitler and Lincoln – Two Dictators In Time

FBI Hate Crime Stats 2003

Flags, Shirts, Symbols

Missouri’s Confederate Ties

Who Should Be Ashamed Of Their Heritage?

A Message For Young Southerns

The Real Reason Our Heritage Is Attacked

Don’t Ignore History

Resurrecting State’s Rights

What Does the Confederate Flag Stand For?

The Confederacy compared to Nazi Germany

Why They Fought The War

Uncle Sam’s Shrine to Lincoln

Peace President

Student Forced To Hide Confederate Flag

Chalk Up Another Victory

The Dividing Line Between The North And The South

Ongoing Debate Over The Confederate Flag

Why Doing Right Things Can Bring Wrong Results

Strom’s Black Daughter about to Crash Confederate Party

The CSA & Slavery In General

Will History Repeat Itself?

Being From The South

The Participation Of Blacks On The Southern Side In The War Between the States

Please Help Me Defend The South

Southern Children Have Protection Of The Bill Of Rights

Southern Heritage Not Hatred

Shirt Ban Focuses On The Wrong Issue

Remember Their Valor and Honor Their Service – Confederate Memorial Day | April 26th, 2004

Dixie Days


A Call To Arms Of A Different Sort

The Confederate Battle Flag

Concerned Grandfather

T-Shirt Police

Some Black History Continues To Be Neglected

Home Grown Georgian

An Englishman’s Point of View

Support a student’s right to express his heritage

Young Confederate From Ohio

The War of Northern Aggression

My fellow Americans

In regard to the continuing attacks on the South by the NAACP.

Getting Involved.

The truth about the American Flag.

A True Rebel.

School Banning.

Confederate Memorial Day.

Controversy about flying the Confederate battle flag.

The 2nd American Revolution

NASCAR and Jesse Jackson.

Southerners and the right to secede.

Just get over it and move on..

Confederate flag reminds us of slavery past?

On the establishment of slavery…

The Banning Is Bogus

Slavery issue more complex than any flag

South Not Responsible for Slavery

Are ya’ll mad enough yet?

Not only liars but accomplices in murder:

The Real Reason the South Doesn’t Matter

Discrimination in our military

The Silent Voice of the African American Conservative

Written to an Atlanta Journal-Constituion reporter

A letter to Oklahoma officials

A terrific letter

A response to Gephardt

A Lesson in History?

A note about Political Correctness

Our Nation’s History and Future

14 Unknown Facts About Slavery

A response to the Cato Institute

The Confederate Flag as a symbol

The real reason

The importance of knowledge

Another student speaks out.

A Victory for Southern Heritage and Student Power

A Small Victory

More About Banning of Confederate Symbols in Schools

Concerning Banning of Confederate Symbols in Schools

Leave Us Alone!

The South Under Siege

Letter to Cherokee high principal