LEXINGTON, KY – “Hannity & Colmes”, the Fox News faceoff news discussion program, will air a segment devoted to the SLRC’s Jacqueline Duty Confederate prom dress case live from Lexington tomorrow night [Thursday, Dec. 30}.

During the show, conservative Sean Hannity and liberal Alan Colmes will interview plaintiff Jacqueline Duty and her lead counsel, Richmond atty. Earl Ray Neal, about the lawsuit Ms. Duty filed Dec. 20 in connection with being banned from her senior prom for wearing a Confederate flag patterned evening dress to her senior prom at Russellville High School May 1. She is suing the school board, its superintendent and the school’s principal for violating her First and Ninth Constitutional Amendment rights, and is also suing under Kentucky tort law for defamation, assault and false imprisonment.

Kirk D. Lyons, the SLRC’s Chief Trial Counsel, is acting as co-counsel in the Duty case. In 2002, Lyons and Neal together won the landmark Sixth Judicial Circuit case of Castorina v. Madison County (KY) Schools, which struck down a school board’s ban on Confederate-themed clothing.

“Some Kentucky school administrators apparently didn’t get the message that Castorina applies to all the public schools in the State of Kentucky, “ said Lyons; “Jacqueline’s case is a timely reminder,” he added.

"This lawsuit is attracting international attention, as well it should,” said SLRC Executive Director Roger McCredie. “The reports and private correspondence I have seen since the filing are running nearly four to one in our favor. This is very gratifying because, tragically, schools have become a real battleground in the attempt to eradicate Southern culture and many people simply are not aware of that fact. Jacqueline’s courageous action helps shine the light on this area of out-of-control political correctness.”

The show will air Thursday at 9 p.m.

On The Web: http://spofga.org/flag/2004/dec/jacqueline_duty.phtml