The Dustin Inman Society and the Southern Poverty Law Center

August 24, 2010


The SPLC and the National Lawyers Guild have filed suit to defame at least two Cobb Police officers and to try to kill 287(g). Their press release HERE.  News story below from the AJC.
My favorite quote ( there are many great ones) about the Southern Poverty Law Center, and its real agenda of anything un-American -for- a buck comes from a former business partner of the SPLC founder, Morris Dees. "He’s the Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker of the civil rights movement…though I don’t mean to malign Jim and Tammy Faye…" Millard Farmer says of Dees, his former associate…HERE.
My next favorite quote on SPLC: From the Fairfax Journal editorial Lump of Coal December 2003: "…a bunch of slick, parasitic hucksters who live high on the hog by raising money on behalf of needy people who never see a dime of it."More HERE.
You can see a photo tour of Morris Dees personal poverty home HERE.
You can read about the National Lawyers Guild and their anti-enforcement, open borders " National Immigration Project" HERE
The local "civil rights" attorney, Brian Spears HERE.  Warning: IF you take the time to understand these shameless creatures, you will likely feel the need to take a shower very quickly.
Dustin Inman HERE.
Lawsuit against Cobb police alleges racial profiling
Atlanta Journal Constitution
The program, known as 287(g), is a local-federal partnership that trains deputies to identify inmates who are in the country illegally and hand them over to …

Aubrey Sosebee
Victim’s family angry that hit-run driver still in US
Atlanta Journal Constitution
.Now that Gwinnett has adopted 287g, Campo-Duartes will be handed over to federal immigration officials once this case is resolved. …


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