Dump Confederate flag
I am seeing a huge increase in use of the Confederate flag in all of Ventura County. I firmly believe they should either remove their flags and other Confederate symbols or freely admit what it is: hate.
How anyone can be delusional enough to believe the Confederate flag is not racist is beyond me or anyone else with common sense.
The Klan, skinheads, neo-Nazis and all other extreme white-hetero-Protestant privileged groups use the Confederate flag as a symbol of white supremacy. Get a clue. If these groups are using this symbol, it’s racist.
To deny that it is racist is to deny common sense and to ignore recent history. The flag enjoyed a huge resurgence during the civil rights era. Angry, racist white Southerners brought it back to show they weren’t going to take this whole desegregation thing lying down.
They dusted off the old Dixie flag to terrorize blacks who had the audacity to fight Jim Crow laws. I’m just not buying the “It’s a heritage thing.” Admit what it really is: “A heritage of hate thing.”
The Confederacy lost. The Confederate South will never rise again! The Confederate ideology will be met with the truth of freedom for all in this country: equal and never separate.
All of us can take some comfort in the fact that we have, for the first time ever, a black First Family in the White House, and it is driving these neo-Nazi fascists into a foaming-at-the-mouth frenzy!
Your letters: October 7, 2009
Ventura County Star