Yet Another Dueling Banjos Moment
Daniel Ruth
Re: Yet Another Dueling Banjos Moment
Mr. Ruth,
Yet again you demonstrate your meanness, your willing lack of empathy, your enthusiastic willingness to not attempt to understand. The way you write about all things Confederate gives me the impression you would be one of the cheerleaders at a lynching of one Marion Lambert, not so much for who he is but for what he represents. You write as though you wish your idol, Sherman, had been successful in his expressed desire of genocide of the Southern people. Hitler had the same desire for a selected group of people. This places you in a despised group of people. And, yes, "just as the Nazi Party had every right to march in Skokie, the heart of the Chicago area’s Jewish population", the 1st Amendment protects the rights of the likes of you, too.
Your visceral hatred for us displays well in your writings. So, just who then is the complete insensitive boob? Doo-Duh, Doo-Duh!
Jimmy L. Shirley Jr.
Palm Springs, Florida