Confederate Flag Critics To "DROP DEAD"


Greetings Chuck and All!

Ted Nugent of Waco, Texas with over 30 million albums sold and more Media face-time than most active politicians and author of the best seller GOD, Guns and Rock’n’Roll, Kill It and Grill It and the newly released Blood Trails II. and fellow NRA member who I just voted for to sit on the Board of Directors has set an example that all Southern- Confederate Americans need to follow. Don’t be Ashamed of Confederate Symbols and "Practice What You PREACH" It all started in Austin, Texas when conservative rock star Ted Nugent came onstage wearing a Confederate Flag shirt in a performance at Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s inaugural ball. Local media and the Associated Press not only complained about the shirt but said he also made unflattering remarks about illegal aliens.( Are you supposed to Flatter LAWBREAKERS?) Ted Nugent said his wearing of the shirt drew a phone call of support from Gov. Perry. According to an article in the Austin American-Statesman, Nugent said the governor’s point was “That the Confederate Flag currently as we speak is proudly flying over the Laredo airport and it does not represent slavery or racism. It represents Defiance and Rebellion," Nugent said. According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, The Governor told Nugent he should Tell the Confederate Flag Critics "TO DROP DEAD" My sentiments also. Sounds like my kind of Governor! Many Thanks Ted Nugent, we need more like you.

Bob Kline
Petersburg, Va.

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