Dr. No

From: torpenhow@charter.net

RE: Ron Paul


For a Confederate heritage news and comment forum, SOUTHERN HERITAGE NEWS & VIEWS has strongly become a Ron Paul campaign web site. I can respect other people’s political views and candidate support and do not have any Ron Paul hang ups, but I — and I suspect others — am getting tired of the pure Ron Paul coverage that has absolutely nothing to do with Confederate heritage or history. Take it elsewhere. On Chuck Demastus’ web site let us keep it Confederate; history, heritage, views, heritage violations.>>>

/\/.\/\/. COMMENTS: I can well appreciate some people feeling thus. No doubt readers are supporting different candidates — and the custom in this country is generally to steer clear of political partisanships in forums that are not primarily devoted to them, etc. I consider all this before weighing in regarding the good Doctor in SHNV — and my personal reading of the situation is that Ron Paul is a major Southern heritage issue, quite germane to this email newsletter.

Dr. Paul is, in fact, a great and proud Southerner. Born in PA in 1935, he chose for whatever reasons to pursue his medical studies at Duke starting in 1961 and has lived in Texas since 1968. Some of his rivals are Southern-born and -bred but I believe every one of them can be called partly to fully inimical to Southern values, culture, history and life. Dr. Paul doesn’t wrap himself in the C-flag* but great reports are in circulation about him — he likes or condones C-flag use, scorns Lincoln and everything he stands for — etc., in the mode of the *classic* (e.g. Jeffersonian) libertarian.

Competitors of Dr. Paul’s recently busted in this newsletter: Romney, Huckabee, Giuliani, McCain. That leaves Duncan Hunter, whose present campaign website used to start by comparing him to Lincoln and FDR; and Tancredo, about whom little seems to be known beyond immigration (on which he’s stellar) and the fact he voted for the satanic, extremely yankeefied PATRIOT act. If anybody feels Dr. Paul is bettered by any of these gentlemen in re Southern worldview, I would like to hear from them.

I am NOT trying to persuade anybody to change their vote or condemning any candidate in this message; merely to probe the present GOP runners where both official Southern heritage matters and the general conservative Christian Southern worldview are concerned.

*Thankfully there have been no complaints about this, even from the staunchest C-flag and Dixie defenders. Yes — there’s a time to wave the flag and a time to leave it at home, and our people seem to pretty consistently agree the Paul campaign is in the latter category ***for purely tactical purposes.*** Marxists have a sixth sense for when to take 3 steps backward on order to go 4 forward, and I think we can learn a lot from them.