To: South Caldwell High School Parents and Teachers

From: Tom McNeel, Superintendent

Re: Resolution of South Caldwell High School Issues

Date: March 26, 2004

As Superintendent of the Caldwell County Schools, I regret that the Confederate Flag issue at South Caldwell High School has become the focal point of the school rather than teaching and learning. After a full investigation and consideration of all points of view, the following action appears to be in the best interest of students, staff, school and the instructional process:

  1. Effective Monday, March 29, students may wear attire that includes the Confederate Flag, so long as the attire does not contain language, or other content, which is inflammatory, threatening, hateful, obscene, demeaning, or promoting racial disharmony. Violation of these provisions will result in strong penalties, including, but not limited to, out-of-school suspension.
  2. Effective immediately, county and school administrators will be proactive in eliminating any form of racial disharmony among students in all schools, starting with South Caldwell High School. Action to be taken will include, but not be limited to:
    • Convening informal student, parent and community groups for discussion, dialogue and understanding;
    • Establishing viable Human Relations Councils at all schools and for the school system. Such councils will include students, teachers, parents, administrators and others that represent the diversity of the school and the county;
    • Implementing a formal educational program on diversity/human relations for all school system employees and students; and,
    • Establishing an active Peer Mediation program at each high school and middle school to facilitate amicable resolution of student differences and controversies.

I regret that this past week has been filled with so much controversy, so many rumors and so much unrest. We believe that the above action will resolve the matter, restoring a safe, orderly and caring school. Your child is our top priority and we will do whatever is necessary to provide for his/her safety and promote learning.

Should you have comments or questions, you may call my office at 728-8407, Ext. 106, or email me directly at Thanks for caring and thanks for all you do to make South Caldwell High School the very best.