Dr. Land

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Hey, Chuck,

I felt led to respond to Dr. Richard Land of the SBC, and the article he wrote for their Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, with the following e-mail:

January, 2008

Dr. Land,

I am thoroughly Reformed with Scottish roots, and a native of the South. I find personal offense in some of your remarks. The Spirit of God has called me to defend Southern Heritage, and I intend to do exactly that!

Dr. Land, you commit some of the same historical errors as our present-day abolitionists, when you presume that the War Between the States was a war over the issue of slavery. It was an issue over unjust taxation, almost like an earlier war that was declared over "taxation without representation". Further, it never was a civil war. The Southern states were not trying to usurp control of the nation. They were exercising their constitutional right to leave. As a matter of fact, there are three states, including Virginia, where this right was approved as such in writing by the original Constitutional Convention, when Virginia was first accepted into the original 9-state union.

I am convinced that Lincoln’s delusional belief that the nation preceded the states, was a product of either his bi-polar disorder or manic-depressive syndrome, which ever it was.

Lincoln used slavery as his rationale to declare an unconstitutional war on the South, in order to create an iron-fisted centralized government and a national bank, two issues which he had actively pursued his entire political career. Lincoln was quite the politician and opportunist. I recommend that you add to your reading list, "Lincoln Unmasked" and "The Real Lincoln", both written by Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo within the past five years.

Another recent book, "Complicity", by Farrow, Lang and Frank, will inform your understanding concerning slavery’s origins, spread and maintenance in the U.S. Lastly, I also recommend two more recent books, "Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists", by Kennedy and Benson, Jr., and "Blood Money: The Civil War and the Federal Reserve" by Graham, which will inform your understanding of other key issues at work during these critical times.

Dr. Land, I believe that you would do much better to remain within your area of expertise, and invest your time in working to help the lion’s share of unbelieving congregations in your denomination to return to their original Calvinistic roots.

I listen to two to three sermons a week of Pastor John Weaver. The reason why is because he is Reformed and Baptistic, and because his messages are ALWAYS soundly Biblically-based, even when dealing with today’s politically-incorrect subjects. He offers some of the most thorough Scriptural references of any pastor I have ever heard.

As a Reformed Believer, I certainly don’t hold to Catholicism, whether it be Roman or Irish. If one truly grasps the Reformed concept of the sovereignty of God, one will know that, whether we like it or not, God’s presence, God’s power and God’s control is everywhere! The only place in Scripture where a separation of Church and State occurs is in the minds of unbelievers who choose to not recognize God’s presence and active influence on all affairs.

Also, while those who call themselves Evangelicals make further fools of themselves by believing that man can do something about global warming, despite scientifically proven warming and cooling cycles caused by the sun, this has led me into further distrust of Evangelical Christianity.

It’s almost as if anyone can be a Southern Baptist, Dr. Land, and anyone can be an Evangelical. Just be tall enough to put the money on the countertop, and let the Bible be hanged!!"

Doug Stewart