Here is what I sent to the Auburn Mayor:
Mayor Hamm,
I have recently heard about Councilman Arthur L. Dowdell desecrating the graves of fallen confederate soldiers.  I find this completely unacceptable, despicable, and unforgivable.  The immediate dismissal of Mr. Arthur is in order.  I do not like using the words "hate crime" but if this does not qualify as one I do not know what does.  This was a display of ignorance and bigotry that should not be tolerated by you the Mayor or anyone else.  I will closely monitor this situation and will, if needed, get more involved in the call to dismiss Mr. Arthur Dowdell and support any local efforts by the citizens of Auburn.  You may think people like me are small and powerless.  Recently a city in my own state thought the same.  They quickly learned otherwise.
Jason Rice
Little Rock Arkansas