After reading about the Black official who removed CS grave marker flags from a CS veteran’s grave is wrong and should be replaced.
As the Cmdr in Chief of the Confederate States Allied Europe in the United Kingdom, my members research and mark many graves and not just those of the CS but also those of the US(not by choice, but they are still veterans of that war) many of the graves we find and mark are British volunteers that chose to fight for either side, therefore we place the US Stars and Stripes on the yankee graves and CS flags on the Confederate graves. If l am truthful, the yankee flag offends me…but l wouldn’t rip it up from a veterans grave and remove it.
And as for the CS flag being a symbol of the KKK, the only reason they have it is because they stole it and all the other CS flags that they use.
And why is it only the CS Battleflag is in the firing line for hated symbols, why isn’t the Stars and stripes. After all, that is the flag that flew over slavery long before CS flags came on the scene under a century earlier, and before the Southern States seceded from the Union, and it is still flying today…l know, the victors call the shots! and everyone else has to live by what they say.
Your Obedient Servant,
Tony Jones.CSA-E
Cmdr in Chief
Confederate States Allied Europe
British Command
South West England Div
Lest We Forget