BAN THE HATE, NOT THE FLAG! Hate is a "learned" thing!


Person of Authority:

Nobody wakes up one morning and decides to be offended and hate that Confederate Battle Flag. Somebody, from somewhere, plants the seed from which that evil thought inspires the hate and grows.

The detonator is Freedom!


The beautiful and glorious Confederate Battle Flag, as displayed on a white teenager’s T-shirt, is the most benign, harmless, peaceful and non-violent method of showing the world that even teenagers can get "mad as hell and will not take it anymore", as in showing the world that they are in a rebellious mode and demand their Constitutional right to freedom of expression and to demand their Constitutional liberties to celebrate their Southern heritage.

That IS the American way!


On the other hand, black kids learn to hate that flag. They have been betrayed and misled by those they trust the most!

That is NOT the American way!

Hate is a learned thing. And the NAACP is teaching it in their propaganda war against that flag. And the government schools refuse to set the record straight by teaching the facts of our Southern history.

One prime example of learning how to hate the Confederate Battle Flag: In a recent article (, A.J. Griffith explicitly details how, at age 5, he was taught to hate the Confederate Battle Flag. He goes on to give the reasons for his hatred, as if "hate" can be justified by false charges passed on by racist-hate-groups like the NAACP.

Another example: A black St. Petersburg (FL) newspaper columnist, Ernest Hooper, ("Rebel Flag Continues to Divide Our Nation") ( tells the story of his young son, Ethan, who saw a Confederate Battle Flag in one of the meeting rooms of a restaurant, and said, "Look at that cool flag." His father, Columnist Hooper, immediately gave the young boy a lesson in how and what to hate, again, based on phony propaganda from the NAACP.

As a matter of fact, Columnist Hooper had experienced unfounded fear as a child, based on "learned" hatred of that beloved symbol of the Sacred spirit of the proud South.

There are many more examples of how young black children are taught to hate the flag that flew over Southern Soldiers, black and white, who struggled, suffered, bled and died in defense of their Southern homeland.

If there is a problem with the Confederate Battle Flag, the only solution is truthful history that should be taught in the schools. They will find that it is not the flag, it is the hate.

And that hate is used to destroy the roots of every white family tree in the South.

Semper Fi and Deo Vindice,

Joe Miller
EasTX, the last bastion of liberty in America