Town officials should not object to Confederate flags

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

About two years ago, I was asked by a town representative to remove a confederate flag from the stage where Silver Creek was performing for an Appomattox Cheerz event. Recently, The Southland Band was also asked by yet another Town representative to remove their confederate flag during their performance for the same type event.

Even though both bands complied, I contend the town representative had no right to do this and that I was denied my right to freedom of speech and expression. This is a case of what I consider to be "political correctness" run amok.

It is my understanding that among the many original purposes of these communityevents, is the desire to bring the Appomattox community together and to celebrate our rich history. Some have wrongly promoted the notion that simply displaying the confederate is somehow endorsing and supporting the institution of slavery.

Nothing could be further from the truth and I believe that the actions of the town representative not only denied me my rights, but also perpetuated a myth, which is contrary to history. We all know that Appomattox happened to be in a confederate state and destiny chose us to be the location where the Civil War ended. Will the town next discourage civil war re-enactments and all confederate symbols in and around our historic community? Will confederate flags or other symbols not be allowed to be displayed or flow at our, hopefully, new confederate museum?

It is true that the confederate flag has in some instances been adopted by hate groups, but we will not allow them to redefine the flag of the old south as a symbol of hate, however, it seems that the town representative does not understand the difference. A big part of coming together as a community is also celebrating our heritage and tolerance for each other because we can be offended by whatever we choose.

Mike Scott
Creek Johnson Band