If you don’t like history, ban it

I get weary listening to the “ ban everything Confederate” crowd because of the claim they were all slave owners or fighting for slavery in spite of many reasons to the contrary. The real reason they still beat this dead horse 150 years later is for political leverage and gain. The sad thing is, it works.

If we are going to ban everything and everyone associated with the Confederacy, let’s not stop there. Let’s strike from history and the public’s view that slavery happened in America. George Washington, the father of the United States and our first president, owned slaves. Ban him. Thomas Jefferson owned slaves. Ban him. Ban from history every American who ever owned a slave.

Let’s just ban all history and everything connected with it prior to 1865 or rewrite it to say they were all black or any color but white. We can even say Christopher Columbus was a black man who discovered America. Or let’s rewrite it all and say that blacks are the ones who discovered, designed, built and maintained America to and that they brought whites here as slaves.

This is exactly what the communists did to Russian history when they overthrew the tsars. They rewrote it or totally abolished it. Perhaps this would finally quell the screaming over certain parts of America’s history that our American Marxists find offensive or disagree with. However, I suspect they would find some other expedient excuse to make political hay over. When does the book burning begin?

Billy E. Price