Re: Don’t insult our ancestors – let our flags fly
Today we (Dough Willis and myself) under the  Georgia Open Records Act finished  researching and videoing the Stephen’s County Georgia School books. Stehen’s County Georgia is named after Alexander Stephen’s  the Vice President of the CSA.
I think we can establish the invasion of the south was not over slavery. That the true slavery flag is the stars and strips and not the stars and bars.. We have added  other research, after ending the school books research. We have positive comments by several black  southerners.
We have about 1.5 hours of raw film at this point we will add more to what we already have.. I expect to have about 1 hour and 45 minutes after is is edited. For the background music I will use Dixie or I am open for other suggestions.
We hope, that other concerned southerners will join our effort and force other school systems to reveal  what the  states and counties  are teaching our children.
This can be done by using your state open records laws. (in your state it may be called by another name) It is already too late lets force them to teach the truth!! The longest journey starts with the first step. They have had 150 years of lying. The south never had a "civil war"
This video will be available (as son as it is edited) at no fixed charge  but donations are helpful, and expected..I am 80 years old and on a very limited fixed income.
This research started at 1:30  to 5:00 PM on 1-18-11 and 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM 1-19-11.
We found more lies that we could use in the time allotted.
Orders (check or M.O.) can be made to.
The Truth Newspaper, Inc.
POB 385
Eastanollee, GA 30538
or online
My phone number is